The day and time for the Colón vs. tiebreaker was confirmed. Gym

The Saturday day on the 14th of the Professional League Cup It was totally exciting. Although in the end there was no definition due to relegation and Colón faces must be seen before Gym for the tiebreaker.

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As Unión was able to defeat Tigre 1-0, they ensured their permanence and got into trouble none other than their classic rival Colón, who suffered a tough 3-1 defeat against Vélez. However, when Sabalero seemed doomed, Banfield gave him a hand, and it also brought serious problems to Gimnasia.

The thing is that El Taladro beat Lobo 2-0 and put them on the same line as Colón. Reason why they will now have to play a tiebreaker to see which of the two will go down to the First National in 2024.

As it was, as soon as the games ended, speculation began about what the date of the match would be. And considering that neither of them are involved in the quarterfinals of the tournament, They will meet next Friday, December 1 at 5 p.m..


As TNT Sports was able to find out, that is the date chosen by the Professional League and it will be made official imminently. While the stage will be the Newell’s court. At the same time, what still remains to be defined is whether there will be an audience for both sides, but the truth is that the panorama has become clearer regarding the exciting definition.

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