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Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) has the participants more divided than ever within the house and the discussions, friction and conflicts are increasingly growing. As a result, the house has a clear division of sides, on the one hand, “The Furiosas” and, on the other, “The Empire”, which highlight the great differences that exist between the participants when it comes to compete.

In that sense, the discussions between the players that make up each side are a constant and in The last big fight featured the two rivals Juliana “Furia” Scaglione and Isabel De Negriwho had a clash after the sexagenarian participant got tired of the sports influencer making noises in the house and not letting her sleep.

After that big fight that took place during the early hours of Tuesday, Santiago Del Moro invited the participants to enter the SUM of the house for a “face-to-face” so they could talk about their differences. But in the middle of that conversation, A detail in “Furia” in relation to Isabel managed to cause a stir among “X” (ex Twitter) users.

The detail in Fury that caused a sensation

In the middle of the “face to face” conversation between Juliana and Isabel from Big Brother, in which “Furia” launched a controversial phrase that upset the sixty-year-old participant, fans of the show noticed a curious detail on Juliana’s right arm. And the participant I had a character from the series The Simpsons tattooed that users quickly associated with Isabel due to her resemblance.

The design in question corresponds to Stacy Lovellthe character who plays the creator of the toy doll in the American animated series “Stacy Malibu”.

The Simpsons character that “Fury” from Big Brother has tattooed on his arm corresponds to Stacy Lovell, who in the series says the iconic phrase “Not now, I’m very drunk.”

After the cameras captured Juliana’s image, viewers immediately noticed the tattoo on her arm and quickly associated the drawing with Isabel.

User reactions to the “Furia” tattoo

The design on Juliana’s arm unleashed a wave of reactions, as users related Stacy Lovell’s character to Isabel from Big Brother due to their great resemblance.

“Furia is a fan of *I stand up* THE SIMPSONS. I love her to pieces”commented one user. “A fan of The Simpsons like every good person”wrote a young woman. “The most popular bank”added a netizen. “This guy couldn’t be any more crack”added one user. “We have to make him win”added another user. “I had already said suripanta to Isabel, a clear reference to The Simpsons. She can’t not be my friend.” said a young man.

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