The cumbiero meeting between Andrés Calamaro and Pablo Lescano: “He is the Maradona of popular music”

Andrés Calamaro invited Pablo Lescano to his show and was full of praise: “He is a Maradona of popular music” (Video: Teleshow)

In the first of his two shows scheduled at the Movistar Arena – he repeats this Thursday -, Andres Calamaro He released his usual cascade of hits but also paid tributes and greetings to different icons of Argentine popular culture: The Grandfathers of Nothing, Diego Maradona, Pity Álvarez y Ricardo Iorio They received their corresponding respects, applauded by the crowd that filled the “bohemian” stadium of Villa Crespo. And there was also room for a meeting of true powers, when The salmon invited his stage to Pablo Lescano.

“I am going to introduce a great friend, he is an impressive person and artist of all time. He is our guest of honor the Maradona of popular music, there is no doubt. With his pure intervention, as a person from a good neighborhood, from San Fernando, he transformed the music not only in Argentina, but in the world as well. A musical genre that was romantic, that was orchestral, that was later dynamite,” Calamaro introduced to welcome the factotum of Free Ladieswho didn’t need to say a word to make the audience scream: all he had to do was play four unmistakable notes of his iconic keytar.

Andrés took another similar one, with an AK-47 plotted on it, and together they gave it warmth and color villero to the melody of “Yours always”, accompanied by the versatile swing of the group that has the back of the author of the song: Mariano Dominguez in low, Julian Kanevsky on the guitar, Martin Bruhn from the battery and German Wiedemer on piano and keyboards. And if that were not enough, in the coda Lescano added the melody of “Mil Horas”.

Andrés Calamaro invited Pablo Lescano and praised the cumbia singer: “He is a Maradona of popular music” (Instagram)
Andrés Calamaro invited Pablo Lescano and praised the cumbia singer: “He is a Maradona of popular music” (Instagram)

At the end of the show, the cumbia villera icon shared images of both the sound check and the special moment in which he was the protagonist of this recital on his Instagram account. “Proud to play with you, Salmon”Pablito dedicated to the rock idol.

The good chemistry between Calamaro and Lescano is long-standing and has its correlation in recording studios. for the album On The Rockpublished in 2010, Lescano participated in the remix from “Tres Marías”. And it was also part of its corresponding video clip, which also featured figures such as Vicentico, Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, Miranda! and even a music outsider like Anibal Fernandezwho at that time served as head of the Cabinet of Ministers during the presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

In 2011 there was a return of kindness when Andrés lent his voice to the unique “Dramas Gratis”, song number 1 on the album. Avoiding Successby Damas Gratis, in which there is also another rock crossover: the singer of The Fabulous Cadillacs recorded in the song “Here you have it.”

Andrés Calamaro performed at the Movistar Arena (Photo: KVK Photos / Edgardo Kevorkian)
Andrés Calamaro performed at the Movistar Arena (Photo: KVK Photos / Edgardo Kevorkian)

The version of “Tuyo siempre” that Calamaro reinterpreted with Lescano is far from the original – a unique type of post punk reggae released in 2000 in the quintuple The salmon and followed the trend to which the singer had manufactured together with Bersuit Vergarabat. In 2005, and with Gustavo Cordera out of the spotlight, it was his support band for a short tour returning to the stage after a long, chemical and complicated season. And from the historic triad of shows at Luna Park, in April of that year, the version that was published forever on the live album emerged. The return.

Other highlight cumbiero in Calamaro’s musical journey was crystallized by collaborating with Notorietyin 2018, when he took the stage at the Gran Rex Theater for a live version of the romantic “Cochi Nini”, written by the hilarious Hernan Coronel.

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