The crisis of Amira Al-Dahab’s partner in the drug trade

Friday 05/January/2024 – 12:05 AM

News broke of the arrest of businessman Sharik Princess of gold، The owner of the famous Dahab videos, search engines on social media, after he was accused of managing and manufacturing firearms and importing, manufacturing and recycling narcotic substances worth 122 million pounds.

Amira El Dahab’s partner

Amira Al-Dahab came out a few hours after the news spread, and published a video denying the Cairo 24 news regarding the arrest of her partner after it was circulated, saying: The news is not true in my store, and I have no partners in the store, and it is private to me.

While Amira Al-Dahab denies in a video clip in which she disavows the arrested person, another clip of her that she broadcast 4 days ago showed what confirms her partnership with a person whom sources confirmed was the one arrested in the famous drug case, in association with an international gang formation involved in manufacturing and importing drugs, possessing weapons, and laundering money worth 122 million pounds, including 3 who fled outside the country.

Amira El Dahab’s partner

Princess of gold

Amira Al-Dahab published a video earlier, confirming that there is a person who shares with her in a chain of stores specializing in the field of gold trading, called Al-Hajj NA, while she quickly disavowed him after the incident of his arrest and his involvement in the process of trading narcotic substances with the international gang formation.

The Princess of Dahab crisis

The successful security strike by the security services of the Ministry of Interior and the Anti-Narcotics Sector began in implementation of the directives of Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of the Interior, where the General Administration for Narcotics Control monitored the activity of a gang consisting of 10 people, 8 of whom have criminal information, and three of whom are currently outside the country, one of whom holds citizenship. In one of the countries, they specialized in importing, manufacturing and recycling narcotic substances, especially the synthetic drug cannabis powder, and they ran a workshop for manufacturing unlicensed firearms in Cairo and Giza governorates, in addition to laundering the money resulting from their illicit trade.

Amira El Dahab’s partner

Amira Al Dahab video

Seven members of the gang were seized in the Cairo and Giza governorates, and they were in possession of 46 kilograms of synthetic hashish powder, an amount of ice shabu, an amount of raw materials used in manufacturing narcotic substances, and a number of tools used in manufacturing, 4 automatic rifles, 26 drums, and a shotgun. 6 cartridges, 2 locally made firearms, 6 drums, a number of bullets, large sums of money – local and foreign currencies – 11 cars, a quantity of gold jewelry weighing more than 8.5 kilograms, 6 watches, a laptop, and 15 On a mobile phone, they confessed to their possession and possession of narcotic drugs for the purpose of importing, trafficking and recycling.

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