The Colle-Poggibonsi cycle path is also gone from Maps

After the archaeological site of Dometaia, Google deletes the route on the old railway from its services

Of Simona Pacini

Google’s ax also falls on the Colle-Poggibonsi cycle path. After deleting the archaeological site of Dometaia from Maps and Searchthe powerful search engine announced that it had also eliminated the tourist cycle path built on the route of the old railway.

The cycle path along the former Colle Poggibonsi railway
Sculpture by Giuseppe Calonaci

As already reported, the Mountain View giant applies a very specific line that tends to eliminate false places from the reported sites but also places that users cannot visit or contact, unique or temporary events, private places such as homes of both ordinary and famous people , seasonal activities, without headquarters or without physical presence.

I six and a half kilometers of gravel road that connect Colle Val d’Elsa to Poggibonsi certainly falls into at least one of the points deemed exculpatory by Googlenot being contactable and not having a physical presence such as a call center.

This does not mean that the cycle path disappears from the web. As anyone can verify, a quick search leads to numerous links thanks to the many sites that mention it. It simply means that Google will not provide its own entry for the “Colle-Poggibonsi cycle path” in its search services. Maps e Search.

The track, very popular with people who love walking, running, cycling, and also suitable for children, it was inaugurated on 19 November 2011 on the route of the railway section which has been disused since 1987.

Not only a cycle path but also a place of memory

cycle lane
Cippo in memory of Marcello Torre

On the Colligian part of the cycle path, in the space seeNear the church of the Madonna del Carmine in Vallibona, a memorial stone has been placed in memory of Marcello Torre, mayor of Paganikilled by the Camorra on 11 December 1980.

The route, which crosses the rural area between the two Valdelsa municipalities, has a height difference of just 40 metres. During the walk you also come across a colony of cats near the Armi bridge.

Il old railway track has been recovered with the use of materials with reduced environmental and landscape impact, so as not to alter the natural context of the route, almost completely surrounded by greenery. The base is composed of ground earth and Siena marble compacted by a compressor roller.

The The Colle-Poggibonsi route is included in a network of cycle-tourist routes yet to be completed in Valdelsaand adds to the regional offer of green and sustainable tourism, such as the Arno, Sieve and Via Francigena cycle paths.

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