The case of Fatima Al-Momen.. A 3-year prison sentence against the Kuwaiti influencer

Kuwaiti media reported today, Wednesday, that a judicial ruling was issued to imprison model Fatima Al-Momen for 3 years, after she “accidentally” caused the death of two people and injured others in a traffic accident last August.

The Kuwaiti “Al Majlis” website said: “The misdemeanor court ruled to imprison the ‘fashionista’ Fatima Al-Moumen for 3 years, and revoke her driver’s license for a year in the manslaughter case, and for jumping a red light and driving above the average in a traffic accident.”

Controversy over the case of Fatima Al-Mumen

The ruling was divided among activists on social media, after the case in Kuwait turned into an issue of public opinion, as some saw that the ruling was lenient, while others considered that it was a balanced ruling with the accidental killing.

Two citizens died instantly. On the 24th of last AugustIn a two-car collision at the intersection of Al-Soor Street and King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Road in the Kuwaiti capital, the first car was driven by Fatima, while the other car carried 4 citizens, 2 of whom were seriously injured.

The court had ordered Fatima Al-Momen to be imprisoned after the investigations that followed the incident, and renewed her detention last September, rejecting requests for her release.

car Accidents

The name of Fatima Al-Momen, the Kuwaiti beauty expert and model, has been on social media for a long time. She is 30 years old and has more than two million followers on the Instagram platform.

Al-Seyassah newspaper reported, citing official data, that traffic accidents top the list of deaths during the year 2022, constituting 47.7% of the total deaths in the country, with 335 cases, including 144 cases of citizens and 191 cases of expatriates.

Secondly, deaths from “intentional self-harm” (suicide) accounted for about 11% of deaths, as their total number reached 77 cases, including 3 citizens and 74 expatriates.

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