The Bear, N reasons to see the TV series with Jeremy Allen White awarded at the 2024 Emmys

Very high pace, extraordinary cast, deep and multifaceted characters. The series that won six statuettes overnight is a masterpiece of television

Six statuettes at the 2023 Emmys (READ THE LIST OF ALL THE PRIZES HERE) and its category, that of comedy series, dominated. The Bear it had already been a coincidence when the first season was released on Disney+ in 2022 (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via app on NOW Smart Stick) and the second did not lower the quality level at all, giving very strong emotions to viewers. If you haven’t yet seen the series he turned into sex symbol Jeremy Allen Whitethe television product that everyone is or should be talking about, here are five excellent reasons to get it back.

A frenetic pace

Don’t be fooled by the awards which, perhaps partly out of laziness and partly out of convenience, have classified it as a comedy. The Bear It’s no laughing matter, on the contrary, it’s an anxiety-inducing journey at breakneck speed through the fires of a disaster kitchen, to discover a ramshackle brigade that must learn to work together, to recognize each other, to respect each other, amidst neuroses, addictions, misunderstandings, arguments furious, processing of an inexplicable mourning, and the seemingly impossible attempt to reconcile two diametrically opposed visions of food and what it means to cook. With writing in which it is impossible to find even a single line out of place.

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The success of a series, however, is almost always made by the characters. You have to understand them, get to know them, discover them little by little, become attached to them. You have to love them or hate them to be driven to follow their stories for so long, they certainly can’t be indifferent to you. And the characters of The Bear they are incredible, concrete, true, palpable. It seems like we have them next to us, we can hug them in moments of greatest fragility, we can argue with them in those of total arrogance. From Carmy, the chef who gives up his starred chef to take charge of the sandwich shop left to him in the slums of Chicago by his brother who committed suicide, to his “cousin” Richie, who doesn’t do it right and lives with the constant sense of guilt of having destroyed his family, passing through the ambitious and talented Sydney, to the passionate Lionel, to the funny Neil. Each character has its own character, its strengths and at least as many flaws, its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Each of them is a perfect sample of humanity to which it is impossible not to bond.


You can write a character in the best possible way but without the right actor to play it it will remain an embryonic idea on paper that has never seen the light. The cast of The Bear is simply perfect, not only because it is full of talented actors but precisely because they all seem born to play their respective roles. The latest edition of the Emmys is there to prove it: best leading actor in a comedy for Jeremy Allen White, best supporting actor in a comedy for Ebon Moss-Bacharach, best supporting actress in a comedy for Ayo Adebiri; a hat trick that says a lot about the quality of acting The Bear.

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Forgive the culinary metaphor, considering the setting of the series we are talking about: up to now it has been said that The Bear has the best possible ingredients, but then you need the chef capable of assembling them and leading his team towards one set up captivating, elegant plating and a fully satisfying sensorial experience for the public. Christopher Storer (also an Emmy winner for directing episode 7×01, Review) and Joanna Calo alternate behind the camera with a remarkable uniformity of style, giving shape with shots, camera movements and direction of the cast to a whirlwind of tight dialogues and frenetic actions, keeping the viewer in suspense like in the best action films .


At the end of a journey, what remains is the memory. The more memorable moments a series has been able to build, the easier it will be to keep it in our memory. The Bear already has several moments destined to become cult: the children’s party with non-alcoholic cocktails with calls Carmy “Jeff” instead of “Chef”. And then, in the second season, Donna’s seven fish (an amazing Jamie Lee Curtis) in an incredible vertical episode full of tension.

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