“The bastards of Pizzofalcone 4”: plot, cast and characters

Alessandro Gassmann and the team are back in action in four new episodes, from 23 October on Rai1

Alessandro Gassmann in the fourth season of “The Bastards of Pizzofalcone” Credit: © Rai

October 23, 2023 at 10:20 am

They’re finally coming back”The bastards of Pizzofalcone”, with the fourth season airing from Monday 23 October in prime time on Rai1. The series co-produced by Rai Fiction and Clemart srl and based on the novels by Maurizio de Giovanni (published by Einaudi) returns with four new episodes, which pick up the story from the adrenaline-filled conclusion of the third season, which ended with Inspector Lojacono played by Alessandro Gassmann tied up and bloodied.


The story picks up where it left off, with Lojacono tortured and locked in a deserted hangar. Rocco Squillace, a mysterious enemy from the past, has decided to take revenge and his revenge is crueler than death. The inspector is condemned to be alone and an outcast, accused of corruption, without the possibility of contacting the people closest to him. Squillace threatens him to kill her daughter Marinella if he even approaches her or Pizzofalcone’s colleagues. Filled with drugs and abandoned to his fate, Lojacono will be forced to live on the margins, while everyone mourns his death. In the throes of delirium and the pain of withdrawal, he will do anything to get back on his feet on a journey to the edge of the law. But he will realize that the only people in the world who can give him a hand are his trusted colleagues from Pizzofalcone. Marinella and her beloved Piras will remain in the dark about everything. If only they were to realize that he is still alive, Squillace, who always keeps an eye on her, would follow through on her threats. From the most hidden heart of the Pizzofalcone police station, Lojacono and all the Bastards will conduct a secret investigation to discover the enemy’s next moves. Be careful not to make false steps, because any mistake could be fatal.
Meanwhile, the activity of the police station will continue as usual, in a picturesque and complex neighborhood that offers a cross-section of all Neapolitan culture and tradition. Four murders, one per episode, complex investigations that the Bastards will have to carry out to bring the culprit to justice.

In the new season the Bastards are dealing with a new phase of their lives: Palma and Ottavia will discover that their love story entails many responsibilities; Romano, obsessed by the loss of the daughter he wanted so much, after a last moment of furious anger will finally be able to come to terms with himself; Pisanelli and Aragona, forced into an absurd coexistence and in search of their own spaces and their own loves; Alex and Martone, dealing with an unexpected visit that will call into question their balance.

The plots of the episodes

  • Episode 1: “Music”
    What happened to Inspector Lojacono, who vanished into thin air while going to celebrate Alex and Rosaria’s wedding? While Pizzofalcone’s team is shocked by doubts, the inspector receives a terrible sentence that keeps him in check and endangers the lives of the people he loves. In the police station offices, investigations continue not only into the disappearance of the colleague, but also into the murder of the director of a local music school.
  • Episode 2: “Flowers”
    A new brutal murder shocks the Pizzofalcone neighborhood. In his shop, on a bed of tulips, the well-known florist Savio Niola is found in a pool of blood. The investigations are activated immediately, following every possible lead and involving a team that seems to have returned as united as the one it once was. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate Lojacono’s disappearance, which according to some documents is linked to the Inspector’s collaboration with organized crime.
  • Episode 3: “Angels”
    Nando Iaccarino is an institution for car enthusiasts in Pizzofalcone. When he is found murdered in his workshop, the team’s investigations lead them into the world of luxury and the man’s past. Meanwhile, an unexpected visit to the police station risks revealing the truth about Lojacono.
  • Episode 4: “Deceptions”
    In the historic tailor’s shop of Salita Vetriera, tailor Nunzio Coppola was found dead with a scissors cut. Who could have attacked the body of such a beloved elderly man with such brutality? Once again it’s up to the Bastards to investigate to bring about justice. Meanwhile, the circle of investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office tightens around Lojacono: the Bastards team is in danger as much as the life of Marinella, the Inspector’s daughter.

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