the artist will be on stage on Sunday 7th at the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona

Massimo’s journey around Italy continues Ranieri who returns to the Marche with his “All dreams still in flight”. It will be Sunday 7 January, at 9pm, at the Teatro delle Muse Ancona. The show is created and written by Massimo Ranieri with Edoardo Falcone. The show, which takes its name from Ranieri’s latest disco work, is the new journey that the Neapolitan artist is making together with his audience.

The project

A real adventure between fantasy and the emotions of life, in which Ranieri, despite having renewed elements compared to the previous “Sogno e son desto”, confirms the winning formula of the show, leaving it unchanged.

So the ingredients of this evening are once again singing and acting, with highlights on songs that have made history, songs from the latest album, and stories. Ranieri therefore reinterprets his great musical successes, without forgetting that he is an actor and narrator. There will be surprises, hints of Neapolitan humor, clever theatrical twists, in a show that sees Ranieri being even more himself. He will offer spectators the best of his repertoire, the most loved, the most prestigious, taking to the stage and exciting those present. Among the songs there will be Mia Ragione, which Ranieri brought as a super guest on the stage of the Sanremo festival three years ago, and the one which at the 72nd edition, also of the Sanremo festival, earned him the very prestigious “Italian Song Critics Award Mia Martini”: it is Letter beyond the sea. The song is the last in the tracklist of the album “Tutti i dream still in flight”, which the public made up of enthusiasts and fans already know and which Ranieri published in November 2022 with songs written for him by great Italian songwriters, including who are remembered by Pino Donaggio, Ivano Fossati, Bruno Lauzi, Giuliano Sangiorgi and which is in fact the result of the collaboration with Gino Vannelli who, after “Qui e ora”, Ranieri’s previous work, returns to arrange for the Neapolitan singer and actor .

The genesis of the album

«I chose him again – this is how Ranieri talks about the collaboration with Vannelli – because a sincere and profound relationship of friendship and affection was established between us and this pushed me to work together again. When I called him he immediately made himself available and our adventure in the recording studio began, which was only interrupted due to the pandemic.” In fact, the genesis of this album was long, it took over a year and a half of work, due to the pandemic and then his participation in the Sanremo 2022 festival, a book, the production of a television drama. «They are songs – continues the artist – by important and very beautiful authors». And Vannelli, for his part, says that at the beginning he was «skeptical about Massimo’s choices of songs, but during the writing of the arrangements, looking for the best way to adapt them to his voice, I could only confirm the wisdom of his choices”. The result is an album that brings joy and makes those who follow Ranieri happy.

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