the announcement and support of Flavio Briatore

Elisabetta Gregoraci shared her pain over the death on social media of his beloved grandmother Betta. “I would have loved for this day to never come, I hoped and prayed a lot. Unfortunately today my beloved Grandma Elisabetta left us” wrote the showgirl on Instagram who recently, in her last interview with very truehad quoted the woman to talk about her bond with her family of origin, all reunited last summer to celebrate its 102 years. “My heart is full of sadness and pain”, continued Elisabetta in the long post accompanying some photos showing grandmother and granddaughter together: “We will miss our chats and her precious advice, her hugs, her smile and her love that she always gave to all the people who were close to her. I am happy to have had the opportunity to celebrate your 102 years, a very important milestone that brought everyone together and was beautiful.”

The memory of grandmother Betta continued with the story of the last celebrations in her honor and the promise that she will always carry within herself the joy of having lived her: “Hello my beloved grandmother Elisabetta, I will love you forever and I will always carry you in my heart”, he concluded. Many messages of affection are arriving for her from her friends and fans, well aware of how close Elisabetta was to the woman whose name she bears. And among the dozens and dozens of comments, the intervention of Flavio Briatore also stands out following the painful announcement of his ex-wife, mother of son Nathan Falcoleft a red heart, a symbol of affection and a deep closeness that time has not affected.

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