The “Alien” Wembanyama started his machinery in the NBA: 21 points, 12 rebounds and endless highlights

Wembanyama’s best plays in the victory against the Houston Rockets

Victor Wembanyama continues to give something to talk about in his first games in the NBA. After some highlights that he showed during the preseason games, the first choice of the last Draft, the new Unicorn of the American league, once again had an auspicious presentation with the San Antonio Spurs jersey. He was one of those in charge of leading his team’s victory against the Houston Rockets in overtime by 126 to 122 at the AT & T Center.

The young Frenchman, despite his 2.23 meters of height, once again left everyone stunned with his natural talent to be able to score from three points or from medium distance; but also because of his good ball handling and ability to dribble quickly, something that was evident in his last game and that amazed the NBA.


Midway through the fourth quarter, Wemby faced the hoop and He made a fool of Jabari Smith Jr with a shocking reverse dunk. Midway through the last quarter, Wemby faced the basket and made a fool of Jabari Smith Jr with a stunning reverse dunk to keep those led by Gregg Popovich within reach of the game. “Are you kidding, Victor Wembanyama?”wrote the official tournament account in the X application along with an emoji.


The action quickly became viral and was replicated all over the planet. “Another look at this absurd Wemby setback”, the NBA commented minutes later, uploading a different shot of the Frenchman’s play. The Latin American version also did not miss the opportunity to comment on this action, posting: “Art. Victor Wembanyama is ART”. Apparently, Manu Ginobili’s personalized classes are bearing fruit.


The former Metropolitans 92, although he had an irregular start to the game, which earned him a reprimand from the experienced Spurs coach, was vital in the last minutes of the match by signing a score sheet with 21 points, 12 rebounds, three blocks (two They were on the same play!) and two steals. “I wasn’t good for three quarters, but I’m happy to win,” he said once the game was over.

Later, in a press conference, Wembanyama revealed what his coach told him once the victory was achieved: “I really love winning. It’s what I love most in life. So, of course, he felt great. Upon returning to the locker room, coach Gregg Popovich pointed out to me that it was my first victory in the NBA. He made me proud for a moment, proud of myself. Of course, it’s just one win and we have many more to come and many more difficult games to come.”

Regarding the coach’s reprimand, the Frenchman acknowledged his mistake: “It is 100% legitimate for him to yell at me at that moment. Excuse me”. What happened? He forgot his role in a set play. “I forgot a game system. A rookie mistake,” he added.

It was also worth highlighting the play of Devin Vassell, who was the top scorer for San Antonio and the game with 25 points. On the visit, however, Alperen Sengun (25), Fred VanVleet (24) and Jalen Green (22) stood out.

The Spurs, who are in full reconstruction, with a core full of young talent and the wisdom of their experienced coach, achieved their first victory after starting their path with a loss against the Dallas Mavericks. His next presentation will be tomorrow, from 10 p.m. (Argentina time), against the Los Angeles Clippers as a visitor. Then they will play the Phoenix Suns twice in a row.

The Rockets, for their part, fell again after being defeated by the Orlando Magics on the first day. Their next match will be tomorrow, at 8 p.m., against the Golden State Warriors.

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