Text of the threatening message Angham received from an Israeli on WhatsApp

02:20 PM

Monday, October 23, 2023

The artist, Angham, received a threatening message from an unidentified Israeli person, via the WhatsApp application, and in turn, the artist published a picture of its content through her official Instagram account.

The text of the threatening message stated, “According to the artist”: “The artist, Fadel Angham, strongly condemns the state and leadership of Israel. The disgraceful act that you and the artists with you have committed, and such gatherings and chants will not affect the determination, strength, and will of the Israeli leadership.”

The message also carried: “It is time for you to learn who Israel is.”

Angham responded to the threatening message via her Instagram account, saying: “I received a very despicable threatening message on my private phone, a threat that only elicited mockery laughter from me. It reflects weakness, meanness, and helplessness. We know very well who you are, occupiers, rapists, and thugs.”

She continued: “This is how the world knew you, and this is how we will consign you to the dustbins of history, if history remembers you at all.”

She added: “The land of Sinai will forever bear witness to your terrible defeat, which we will celebrate from now on every hour, not every year. The heroic people of Palestine, the owners of the land and the truth, will remain until the Day of Judgment despite your systematic ethnic genocide.”

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