Test Medicine 2024, the tests postponed to April: the questions will be public

The evidence of Medicine test of 2024 postponed to April and May. However, there is something new on the horizon: as reported by ithe Corriere della Sera, the test questions will be drawn from an open and public database of thousands of questions. Therefore, students will be able to practice the questions before the test and, if lucky (but the probability remains low), they will also be able to answer some questions that they will find themselves faced with on the day of the test. In essence, a bit like what happens for the driving license exam. (MEDICINE TEST 2023: RESULTS SOLD ONLINE FOR 20 EUROSTWO MILLION ITALIANS WITHOUT A GP)

How does it work

The structure of the test should remain the same as that tested last year: ninety minutes to answer 50 questions on reading comprehension, biology, chemistry and physics, mathematics and reasoning. It is now difficult to say whether the modified test will survive for long. For a few months, in fact, the ministry has been studying the possibility of introducing new forms of access to medicine that structurally overcome the problems that have emerged. The two bills remain under discussion in the Senate committee. The principle is to have students attend a common semester in open access faculties such as medical biotechnology and motor and sports sciences, at the end of which, in the month of January, those who have passed the three required exams (medical physics, cellular biology and genetics, principles of human anatomy) can enroll in the test which is used to determine the national ranking and access to the various universities. Those who do not pass can continue their course or enroll in another degree without losing a year of study.

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Medicine test 2023, results sold online for 20 euros

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