Terror: Bayern Munich was eliminated from the German Cup by a third division team

The powerful Bayern Munich He was the protagonist of a real mess in the round of 16 of the German Cup. He was eliminated by Saarbrücken, a third division team.. To make matters worse, the winning goal came in the 96th minute! Halloween has already passed, but it was a day of terror for Bayern.

The visiting eleven had several heavyweights like the goalkeeper Neuer (who returned last weekend after a long injury), the Dutchman De Ligt (injured at 25′), the Canadian Davies, the midfielder Kimmich and the historic Müller, among others. Precisely, the latter had opened the account 16 minutes into the PT. It seemed like it was going to be a procedure, but…

Patrick Sontheimer scored 1-1 on the stroke of half-time; Thomas Tuchel turned to Jamal Musiala, Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry in the ST (Harry Kane did not enter) to try to unbalance the score, but unexpectedly, Marcel Gaus appeared in the 96th minute to make it 2-1 and unleash madness in the Saarbrücken stadium. A blow for the king of the heavyweights in Germany.

The winning goal of the home owner (AP). The winning goal of the home owner (AP).

Two seasons ago, Bayern also lost in this round, but against a Bundesliga team (Borussia Moenchengladbach) with a 5-0 defeat. The same thing happened to him in 2020-21, when Holstein Kiel defeated him. Let’s think about the Bundesliga (second place, two behind leaders Bayer Leverkusen) and the Champions League (ideal score in the group stage).

The lament of the Bayern players (AFP). The lament of the Bayern players (AFP).

Those classified to the round of 16: Homburg, St. Pauli, Stuttgart, Wolfsburgo, Hamburgo, Fortuna, B. Monchengladbach, Kaiserslautern, Leverkusen, Magdeburgo, Paderborn, B. Dortmund, Frankfurt, Saarbrücken, Nuremberg, Hertha.

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