Temperley surprised Chacarita and eliminated him

The emotional blow was decisive. The disappointment of having missed out on the possibility of reaching the grand final of the First National It was too much for a team that was not used to receiving that type of blow. That fateful tie against Rafaela This made him have to resort to the longest path, the Reduced, to seek promotion. That’s why, Chacarita I needed to start with a clean slate. However, Temperley took advantage of the moment of weakness and gave the big surprise by winning in San Martín, snatching away the undefeated record at home this season and advancing to the quarterfinals..

Adrián Arregui's cry in Gasolero's 1-1 partial.  (Photo: Temperley Press)Adrián Arregui’s cry in Gasolero’s 1-1 partial. (Photo: Temperley Press)

Despite the difference that existed between the two during the year (one was there to play for the first promotion and the other qualified on the last date), The Funebrero never managed to demonstrate that superiority on the field. It is true that he started better, that he sought to rediscover his game, the same one that he had lost in the epilogue of the regular phase, that he took control of the ball and created danger. It is true that he was able to take the lead through Exequiel Beltramone, after a great assist including a pipe from Luciano Giménez. But Celeste knew how to put him in trouble: he reached equality with a header from Adrian Arregui and then he proposed a match of pure friction, always trying to stop his rival from playing and trying to make him uncomfortable at all times.

The celebration of the Celeste players after the triumph in San Martín.  (Photo: Télam)The celebration of the Celeste players after the triumph in San Martín. (Photo: Télam)

In addition, the Gasolero quickly converted it to gasoline. And in times when fuel is scarce, the South as a whole had plenty. Because He turned the game around with a great free kick goal from Chichón Nieto, who complied with the former’s law. Because with the score at 2-1 he slowed down, dropped a few meters back and tried to go on the counterattack, an idea with which he came close to extending the lead on several occasions.

In the other side? Biggeri He burned the ships but did not get the tie that would take him to the next instance. Thus, he received another hard blow and was left without the dream of promotion.

Alejandro Orfila, Temperley coach.  (Photo: Télam)Alejandro Orfila, Temperley coach. (Photo: Télam)

Orfila’s voice

He arrived in the middle of the season and managed to right the course, put the team in Reduced and be the driver of a Temperley that eliminated Chacarita, one of the candidates for the second promotion. “It wasn’t a blow, we were showing that we were evolving,” said coach Alejandro Orfila.

El Chano surrendered at the feet of his players, maintained that they “deserved” to advance to the next round and now made it clear that “we have to go for more.”

And he added: “We emphasized the psychological. The emotional part was going to be fundamental. Now they have to enjoy.”

There was controversy

Temperley temporarily reached equality against Chacarita 24 minutes into the first half. However, Adrián Arregui, the scorer of the goal, was ahead when he connected with the header after Luciano Nieto’s cross.

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