TARSIM ready to contribute to development of agricultural insurance system in liberated territories

Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Agrarian Insurance Pool Organization (TARSIM) Osman Yildiz gave an interview to Report:

– Does TARSIM have plans to implement any projects in the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation?

– The process of restoring liberated territories must first begin with infrastructure, and all needs must be identified and provided as soon as possible. Türkiye is always ready to cooperate in the implementation of projects aimed at meeting these needs. TARSIM, in turn, will contribute to the expansion of the agricultural insurance system in the liberated territories.

– What role can the Azerbaijan Agricultural Insurance Fund play in the development of agriculture in the liberated territories?

– The Fund can play an important role in the implementation of projects whose goal is to attract territories liberated from occupation to participation in production processes. The Fund has sufficient experience to do this.

– Can the Azerbaijani model of agricultural insurance be considered a model for the countries of the region? What can you say about the possibilities of applying Azerbaijan’s experience in other countries?

– The agricultural insurance model created and successfully implemented in Azerbaijan, as well as TARSIM, is a model for other countries in the region. On September 3, Türkiye and Uzbekistan signed a declaration of intent to create a joint agricultural insurance system. We felt that it would be useful for Uzbekistan to also benefit from the experience of Azerbaijan. In this regard, we also involved Azerbaijan in the process.

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