Talaat Mustafa organizes the first employment forum for residents of the group’s projects

Habi – Today, Saturday, Talaat Mustafa Group organized the first employment forum for residents of the group’s projects, at the Madinaty Sports Club, with the participation of a large number of young people of both sexes to apply for the jobs offered by the group, as well as to benefit from the forum’s lectures on entrepreneurship. To encourage young people to create startup companies.

The Talaat Mostafa Employment Forum is the first event of its kind organized by a real estate development company in Egypt for residents of its various projects. This aims to provide job opportunities for young people, which contributes to increasing the employment rate and reducing unemployment, according to a statement by the group.

The first employment forum for residents of Talaat Mustafa Holding Group projects provided hundreds of job opportunities in various sectors of the group, most notably: (finance, marketing, facilities management, and operation and maintenance), according to the statement.

He added that more than 2,000 young people registered their data on the website dedicated to the forum, after it was announced through the group’s official accounts on social media platforms.

The forum activities were attended by a large number of young people to learn about available jobs and how to apply, amid cooperation from group officials to respond to youth inquiries about details of available jobs.

The forum also organized lectures for young people on various topics that focused on entrepreneurship, marketing, time management, digital transformation, and the secrets of success at work. These lectures were presented by a group of experts and officials from major local and international companies, namely: Dr. Sherif Hammad, former Minister of Scientific Research, and Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, and Khaled Hawass, CEO of HSG Business Management Consulting, and Egyptian and world swimming champion, Amr Abdel Karim, business development consultant, who has 23 years of experience in communications and banking, and Rasha Tantawi, marketing director at Techni Summit.

In turn, Mohamed Fouda, Development Director for the Human Resources Sector at Talaat Moustafa Group, said that it is organizing for the first time in Egypt an employment forum for residents of its various projects, with the aim of providing the opportunity for recent graduates from clients to apply for jobs in the group’s various sectors, which contributes to reducing the unemployment rate and strengthening the relationship between The group’s clients by providing jobs in its various projects.

He added that a large number of young people applied to register their data and upload their CVs on the website designated for the forum, after which the Human Resources Department will review the applicants’ CVs and communicate with them to conduct an interview for the available jobs that suit their university studies. All applicants’ CVs will also be kept for communication with them at When new jobs are offered.

Fouda pointed out that large numbers of residents applied to participate in the forum, which he considered to achieve its goal, which is to enhance communication and the residents’ connection to the group, and confirm the group’s mission to develop integrated urban communities that provide all services to the residents, and its role extends to providing job opportunities for customers, in addition to strengthening its role in Contributing effectively to the state’s plans to reduce unemployment rates, as the group provides more than 15,000 job opportunities through its various projects.

For his part, Dr. Sherif Hammad, former Minister of Scientific Research and professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, said that he participated in the forum by giving lectures to the youth participating in the forum.

Farah Ahmed Kamal, a resident of Madinaty, said that she learned about the Talaat Mustafa Holding Group employment forum through the official page of Madinaty on social networking sites, and decided to attend to register their data in the hope of joining one of the jobs offered. She also attended one of the lectures that were held on the sidelines of the forum, Hoping to join a sales position in the group to fit in with her university studies.

Yasmine Yasser said that as soon as the forum was announced, she applied to register her data on the website to join a job close to her residence within Madinaty. She also attended the forum activities at the Madinaty Club to learn more details about jobs.

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