Suspect in fatal violent incident Weiteveen had a long-running conflict with victims

Trace investigation by the police in Weiteveen

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The suspect of it deadly violent incident in Weiteveen had a long-running conflict with the two people who died. Mayor Eric van Oosterhout of the municipality of Emmen, which includes the village, confirmed this to NOS. The victims are a 38-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman from Weiteveen.

Unverified images allegedly showing the suspected suspect are circulating on social media. They were allegedly taken after the incident. In the fragment he appears to confess his deed and the suspected suspect says that he was threatened for a year and stood up for his family. The NOS has established that the video was made near the place where the suspect was later arrested.

The Public Prosecution Service reports that it is aware of the images and that they are being used included in the research. “That is why we cannot respond substantively to these videos. However, we do think it is important to ask that these videos not be distributed, because there is great personal suffering behind them.”


Villagers tell RTV Drenthe that the suspect and the victims know each other because of the sale of a home. A real estate agent who said he mediated in the sale of the suspect’s parental home reports AD that there was a conflict between the suspect and the victims over the sale. According to the real estate agent, the conflict was mainly about the maintenance of the home.

The police are still investigating the exact motive of the perpetrator. “We are now going to investigate what the course of the conflict was, how it could have arisen and how it could ultimately lead to this catastrophe,” says the mayor.

‘Impact on the village is enormous’

According to the mayor, the event has “a huge impact” on the small village. “Both the suspect and the victims are acquaintances. It is a relatively small village.” A neighbor tells RTV Drenthe that she is shocked. “You can’t imagine something like this happening in a village like ours.” She also knew about the heated conflict.

Both the suspect, who was arrested shortly after his crime, and the two victims had children. Victim support has been called in and there is contact with the schools where the children attend.

The suspect is a 50-year-old man from Klazienaveen. The arrest of the suspect can be seen in these images:

Suspect Weiteveen is arrested

In addition to the unverified images allegedly showing the suspected suspect, another video showing the suspected wife of the suspect is also circulating. In it she says that her husband has “completely gone crazy”. According to her, the victims threatened her and her partner, among other things. She also states that there was a conflict about the house.

The suspect will be brought before the examining magistrate on Friday.

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