Susanna Tamaro in a wheelchair: “I fell at home like a sleepwalker. I flew up a flight of stairs, I could have died”

Vacancy sleepwalking around the house and flies up a flight of stairs. It could have ended much worse Susanna Tamaro. The author of Go where your heart takes you he explained on Facebook what happened to him a week before the Christmas holidays. “Are you surprised that I didn’t write anything during the holidays? I had already thought of a post for December 19th, the birthday of my ancestor Ettore Schmitz – better known as Italo Svevo – but on the night of the 18th I had a very bad accident. In a fit of sleepwalking, Indeed, I did a flight of stairs”, wrote Tamaro accompanying the post with a photo of herself resting in a wheelchair showing an arm in a cast.

“What a shock when I woke up and I realized I was flying without knowing how to land. Yet, already when I was in the ambulance, I did nothing but say to myself: how happy I am, how lucky I am because I could have died or been paralyzed and instead I’m still alive, albeit with a few fractures.” Tamaro comments ironically in a Christological key: “Soon I will rise again!”.

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