Susana Giménez will celebrate her 80th birthday in Punta del Este and they leaked the “black list” of celebrities who would not be invited

Susana Gimenez He will turn 80 on January 29 and, according to different information, will offer a mega celebration at La Mary, his mansion in Punta del Este. As expected, the most famous faces in show business will want to be present at one of the social events of the season. However, there are rumors that claim that only a select group of 80 people will be chosen and in addition, there is already speculation about the existence of an alleged “black list” to avoid leaks.

On this line, from the cycle In the Afternoon (America), They advanced an approximation of who could lead this group of names “not allowed” by the diva. Panelist Diego Esteves mentioned Hubert Roviralta, Corcho Rodriguez, Moria Casan and Valeria Mazzabut surprised when he stated that they would also be outside Pampita, Elina Costantini and Andrea del Boca. Among the discussion, the possibility of assistance from Mirtha Legrand The birthday was put on hold.

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It is speculated that Susana Giménez put together a “black list” of people not welcome on her birthday (Photo: Instagram / gimenezsuok)

In fact, The presence of the singer Luis Miguel would not be confirmed. The reason for this, according to the considerations of Karina Mazzocco’s panelists, is that Cristian Castro and his mother, Verónica Castro, with whom the Sol de México does not have the best relations, could be among the international stars present at this celebration.

On this point, the notary Gustavo Descalzi told the host and her colleagues that there is an alleged “committee” of those close to Su, whose function would be to help her in the guest selection process. This group would be made up of Inés Hernández, her friend and assistant, Luis Cella “and two more people”.

Susana Giménez said goodbye to the year with a performance of her work and received visits from international stars

Each function of Judas Skin is special for Susana Gimenez. The diva has already announced that it will be her last season on stage and she has already begun to say goodbye in a big way. This Saturday she performed at the Enjoy theater in Punta del Este and received a visit from two international stars: Sebastian Yatra y Cristian castrowho watched the show one row apart.

In the same way that they showed it in the television special they shared this year, Yatra and Castro made it clear that they have a lot of chemistry. “Su, Su, Su, how nice to see you!”the Colombian began by saying to the Argentine in a video that they uploaded to Instagram.

Susana Giménez bid farewell to the year with a performance "Judas Skin".  (Photo: Instagram / gimenezsuok)

Susana Giménez said goodbye to the year with a performance of “Piel de Judas”. (Photo: Instagram / gimenezsuok)

“Sebas, Sebas, Sebas, I love you, welcome to Punta del Este,” Su responded. Immediately, Tini Stoessel’s ex took the opportunity to tell her friend how much he liked her work: “You left me speechless because of everything you made me laugh.”. Without believing what his friend told him, that he pretended to be dysphonic and started touching his throat, Giménez exclaimed: “Liar! Well, have a lot of fun but be safe.”.

Yatra also uploaded a story showing that Cristian Castro was behind him. “Well, I’m here, and look who I have behind me.”he said and focused on the “Azul” singer, who began to make morisquetas.

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