Surveillance cameras are a witness who has seen everything…the prosecution’s tool for uncovering mysterious crimes

Surveillance cameras have become a deterrent weapon for anyone who tempts himself to commit acts outside the law. There were crimes committed before the spread of surveillance cameras in the streets and squares that baffled the investigation authorities in uncovering the main accused in committing that crime.

There were many crimes in which “surveillance cameras” appeared as a magic wand used by the investigation authorities to reveal the identity of their perpetrators, after documenting the moments of their execution, which contributed to the speedy arrest of the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. In the following lines, we monitor some of the crimes whose perpetrators were uncovered and mysteries solved by surveillance cameras.

Maadi girl

Surveillance cameras played a major role in that case, as they documented, with audio and video, that 3 young men riding in a taxi assaulted a girl while they were walking and tried to steal her handbag, which resulted in the girl falling under the wheels of the car and being dragged several meters, and she died from fractures and lacerations to the body, and it was recorded. Cameras capture the moments of the perpetrators escaping from several angles and on different streets.

Surveillance cameras save a child in Cairo

Surveillance cameras contributed greatly to the rescue of a girl who was no more than 6 years old, after a woman living in one of the Maadi properties saw on her surveillance camera screen a man accompanying the victim girl into the property in an attempt to assault her, but the woman intervened and saved the child from the accused. .


Park girl

Surveillance cameras also revealed the crime of kidnapping the Montazah girl by 4 dangerous recorders in Alexandria inside a Tuk Tok, after they filmed her while assaulting her to force her to remain silent, and the security services were able to identify the accused and arrest them..

A dog bites a man in Giza

Investigating authorities resorted to surveillance cameras after a woman accused her neighbor of biting the dog that belonged to her husband, exposing it to multiple injuries and wounds, and harming her from her neighbor because he did not control his dog. The Public Prosecution decided to seize the surveillance cameras and ordered them to be unpacked, to reveal the veracity of the incident and decided to imprison the dog’s owner for 4 days pending investigations. .

Security experts say that it has become necessary and even obligatory for every home or shop owner to place surveillance cameras installed on real estate and shops, because they play an important role in deterring violators of the law or committing crimes, and they also help the security services in uncovering the mystery of many crimes. The perpetrators almost escaped from the fair.


The law requires stores to install internal and external surveillance cameras

The Public Stores Law required the installation of cameras, and Article 23 of the law stipulates: “Public stores are obligated to install internal and external surveillance cameras in accordance with the requirements issued by a decision from the committee. The committee shall determine the activities and requirements that must be met for installing the cameras referred to in the previous paragraph, and the places and activities in which they are prohibited.” Installing these cameras“.

The Public Stores Law specifies penalties for operating a store without a license, and Article 19 of the Public Stores Law stipulates: “Anyone who operates a store without a license shall be punished with a fine of not less than twenty thousand pounds and not exceeding fifty thousand pounds, and in the event of recidivism, the penalty shall be imprisonment for a period of no less than.” for a period of six months and not exceeding one year and the fine referred to or one of these two penalties, in addition to closing the shop at the expense of the violator.“.

The same penalty shall be imposed on anyone who operates a public place subject to the provisions of Chapter Three of this law without prior notification to the competent center or if the notification form contains incorrect data..

The Public Stores Law granted law enforcement officers to inspect stores at any time, and Article 24 of the law stipulates: “Judicial police officers may inspect stores without prior notice, and they have the right to enter these stores and review all papers, and any violations resulting from the inspection shall be proven.” In a report prepared for this purpose, judicial officers must warn the violator to remove the violations within a period granted according to the nature of those violations and the period necessary to remove them, not to exceed six months from the date of their arrest. A report shall be drawn up of the procedures taken upon the expiration of the aforementioned granted period. The report shall not be sent to competent authorities except after the expiry of this period, accompanied by the procedures taken by the violator.”

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