Summary proceedings over water cannons against XR • European Championship qualification against France

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Good morning! Today was the ruling in the summary proceedings that Extinction Rebellion filed against the state over the use of water cannons. The Dutch national team plays a European Championship qualifier against France.

First the weather: in the morning it rains in many places. This afternoon it will be dry in the southeast, rain will fall and the wind will be strong in the northwest. Heavy rain everywhere in the evening.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the roadworks and here you see where work is being done on the track.

What can you expect today?

  • Today was the ruling in the summary proceedings that environmental movement Extinction Rebellion filed against the state over the use of water cannon by the police during a protest on the A12.
  • Three Jewish schools in Amsterdam remain closed as a precaution. Hamas called on Muslims worldwide to demonstrate against Israel today, and these schools say they receive insufficient security from the Dutch government.
  • The Dutch national team will play a European Championship qualifier against France at home today. The match starts at 8:45 PM. You can follow the match tonight via a live blog, the NOS app and on NPO 1.

What did you miss?

The Israeli army has told the United Nations that 1.1 million Palestinians are in the Gaza Strip must leave within 24 hours from the north, and to the south of the Gaza Strip. A UN spokesperson told the Reuters news agency. According to the news agency, it is feared that this is a precursor to an Israeli ground offensive.

The United Nations calls a move of so many people not possible “without devastating humanitarian consequences.” The Israeli army’s order also applies to all UN employees and people sheltered in UN facilities, such as schools and healthcare institutions, according to the UN spokesperson.

Other news from the night:

And then this:

Call me, they say in Woerden. These elderly people call each other every day at a fixed time to see if things are going well. In this way they pay attention to each other and combat loneliness, reports RTV Utrecht. After the call, the next participant is called. Just until the circle is complete.

Please call me

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