Summary of the Special Case series, Episode 5: Yasser surprises Ramallah and asks for her hand

to attest Special Case series, episode 5Many events and surprises, which the audience interacted with greatly on social media platforms.

Special Case series, episode 5

At the beginning of the episode, Nadim and Ramallah discover that Amani al-Najjar’s son also has autism, like Nadeem, after they met at the circus. Ramallah tells Nadeem that there is a possibility that Amani al-Najjar kissed him because he reminds her of her son, so he feels sad and apologizes to him.

Special Case series, episode 5

Nadim gives Ramallah a new gift, giving her a diamond ring. On the other hand, Ramallah continues to meet Amani’s husband, Yasser, who proposes to her for marriage, and she agrees. Meanwhile, Tariq also asks her to marry, and she asks him for time to think. Nadim goes with Amani to the scene of the latest crime, and Nadim solves the case, but Ezz He takes advantage of him and convinces him that he needs money and asks him to solve the case in exchange for him pleading and getting the case money.

Special Case series, episode 5

Indeed, Nadim tells him the solution, and Ezz says in front of Amani that he and Ramallah are the ones who found a solution to the case, and he trades Ramallah’s silence in exchange for not revealing the secret of her relationship with Yasser. Finally, it is revealed that one of his colleagues in the office, Nada, is the daughter of the man who did not give him his father’s rights and expelled his mother. When he was young, he became an important client in Amani Al-Najjar’s office.

Special case series

Participate in Special case seriesAn elite group of talented actors, where the artist Taha Desouki and the brilliant actress Ghada Adel lead the series, and they are joined by the artist Ahmed Tarek, the young artist Hajar Al-Sarraj, and the artist Hassan Abu Al-Rous, in addition to Ahmed Al-Azaar, as well as Weam Magdy, Ali Al-Sabaa, Adam Wahdan, and Adam Al-Nahhas. The work is written by Mohab Tariq, directed by Abdel Aziz Al-Najjar, and produced by Tariq Al-Janaini.

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