Strong boost for Nikki Haley in the run-up to American elections: Koch brothers support her campaign

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The Koch brothers, financiers who always play an important role in American presidential elections, have backed Nikki Haley in the fight for the Republican nomination. With that network behind him, Haley no longer seems to have a chance against Ron DeSantis. Whether she can compete with Donald Trump is another matter.

On the Republican side, we seemed to be heading for a battle between former President Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, for the nomination. That seems to be changing in recent weeks and Nikki Haley has the wind in her sails. Many American opinion makers suddenly presented her as the best alternative to Donald Trump and she also rose noticeably in the polls.

Now she is getting a firm push in the back. The Koch brothers and their network Americans for Prosperity Action announced in an announcement on Tuesday that Haley is the candidate of their choice. This not only means that her campaign suddenly has more money, but it also makes an organizational difference. Haley, for example, will have more staff to go door to door and persuade voters via telephones and emails. She now also has much more resources for TV advertisements. In addition, it also gives her the momentum, because in the US the announcement of the Koch brothers is always a moment that is looked forward to.

In recent months, the Koch brothers have become more opponents of Donald Trump than ever before. They have already invested more than 9 million dollars in advertisements, emails and merchandising against the former president. Yet that doesn’t really seem to have any results. In the polls, Trump is very far in the lead and he does not seem to immediately have to fear opposition from Haley.

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