Stremio app is officially launched for Samsung TVs; see how to download

The Stremio app is now available in the Samsung smart TV app store. It is a kind of “media center” that aggregates content from various services, including streaming platforms for films, series, podcasts, web channels and live TV.

Stremio app TV SamsungStremio is available as an app for Samsung smart TVs. (Mateus Mognon/TecMundo)Source: Stremio

Streaming services and catalogs can be added as add-ons (Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for example). The user can choose only those they intend to use, although some of them are mandatory for the service.

By itself, the Stremio is not an illegal application, but it offers the option to access files via torrent — potentially pirated. Using the application is not seen as a crime, but using some add-ons and downloading movies requires caution.

Available for download on Samsung TVs

According to Stremio, the application is available for all Samsung models launched from 2019 onwards. There are no plans to launch the app on older models.

Stremio app TV SamsungThe application is gradually released to all regions. (Mateus Mognon/TecMundo)Source: Stremio

If the platform does not perform well on your TV, the company recommends disabling visual features in the settings menu. The options are in the “Interface” section.

The company mentions that the application is gradually distributed worldwide, so it is possible that it has not reached the Samsung App Store for now. Anyway, the app is free. Add-ons, however, may require a separate paid subscription.

To download Stremio on your Samsung TV, simply access the path:

1. Open the “Apps” tab, which will launch the Samsung store;

2. Select the magnifying glass button and type the application name;

3. Click on the Stremio icon and then on “Install”;

4. Then, scan the QR code with your cell phone or access the indicated page to complete the configuration.

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