storms expected on Thursday 2 November

Maximum Red Weather Alert in Veneto: storms expected on Thursday 2 November

Veneto weather alert
Veneto weather alert

Considering the meteorological phenomena expected in Veneto, the decentralized functional center of the Regional Civil Protection communicates that from 3.00 pm tomorrow to midnight on Friday 3 November the “Alarm” (red alert) operational phase has been declared due to hydrogeological criticality in the following river basins: Alto Piave (BL); Piave Pedemontano (BL – TV); Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone (VI – BL – TV -VR); Adige-Garda and Monti Lessini (VR). For the same criticality, the “Pre-alarm” phase (orange alert), in the same hours, will affect: Po, Fissero-Tartaro-Canal Bianco and Basso Adige (RO-VR); Basso Brenta – Bacchiglione (PD-VI-VR-VE-TV); Lower Piave, Sile and lagoon drainage basin (VE-TV-PD). “Attention” phase (yellow alert) for Livenza, Lemene and Tagliamento (TV – VE).

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