Sting’s concert in Secondigliano prison becomes a video for a project in favor of migrants

During the filming of the documentary Can I come in? An Ode to Naplesdirected by his wife Trudie Styler (Big Sur production, Mad Entertainment with Rai

Cinema in co-production with Luce Cinecittà), screened at the Rome Film Festival, is now a video that will support a Neapolitan project in favor of migrants. Sting he joins his life partner to help and finance Metamorphosis. idea of ​​the Casa dello Foundation Spirit and the Arts in collaboration with the Foundation of

San Gennaro Community. A few months ago, the singer-songwriter former leader of the Police called himself

performed in the penitentiary institute for prisoners using unique musical instruments, made with wood recovered from the wrecks of migrant boats and built by prisoners from Milan and Naples. In a virtuous cycle of regeneration, in fact, with Metamorphosis the small boats landed at the Favarolo pier in Lampedusa come to life and become not only guitars or violins, but also sacred objects, becoming a vehicle for reflection on

human condition and on all people forced to flee from wars, persecution and hunger, but also a tool for social and working reintegration for detained people, involved in the artistic work together with luthiers and carpenters.

There are one hundred boats coming from Lampedusa that have reached the Milan Prison House – Opera and the Secondigliano prisona Napoliwhere the project

took shape by creating a carpentry/luthiery workshop inside the prison. TO Sting was also donated the first guitar made in the prison, that one

with which he performed in a moving one Fragile with the Quartetto del Mare filmed by Trudy Stiler and included in the documentary film: “These instruments have a soul”, the artist said at the time. The clip of the show, isolated from the rest of the documentary, was donated by the English singer free of charge to the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation and the San Gennaro Community Foundation, which will use it as a means of special promotion to start a fundraiser for the project (to donate go here The creation of the video found the support of the Con il Sud Foundation and the numerous workers who donated their art free of charge. In the two prisons, in Milan and Naples, nine people are currently employed and regularly hired for this project. The funds raised thanks to the campaign will go to support the work of the detained people involved in the project and their families. Metamorphosis is a project of the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation created with Intesa Sanpaolo and the Cariplo Foundation, the Peppino Vismara Foundation, the Monza and Brianza Community Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Penitentiary Administration and the Excise, Customs and Monopoly.

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