STF authorizes investigation against Sérgio Moro in accusation of Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia and Sergio Moro (Photos: Reproduction TV 247 and Agência Brasil)

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) responded to the request of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and ordered the opening of an investigation against senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil).

The request was motivated by investigations by the Federal Police that observed irregularities in a plea bargain that the then senator, at the time head judge of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, negotiated with the former state deputy of Paraná, Tony Garcia.

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Authorization was given by Minister Dias Toffoli, of the STF.


Garcia signed a plea bargain in 2004, when arrested for fraudulent management of the Consórcio Nacional Garibaldi. The agreement was signed with the task force on the Banestado case (before Lava Jato) at the 2nd Federal Court of Curitiba, now the 13th Court.

With this, the former deputy accuses Sérgio Moro of threatening him to record politicians and lawyers as a way of obtaining evidence that would incriminate them, by acting as a kind of “undercover agent” at the behest of the task force.

Garcia’s plea resulted in a reduction in his sentence and other benefits. However, as he explained, he was under threat of having the agreement revoked, potentially being arrested and having his assets expropriated throughout this time, if he did not carry out the irregular recordings of politicians that were requested.

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What he indicates is blackmail by Moro and which will now be investigated more deeply with the inquiry would have already been reported, in 2021, to judge Gabriela Hardt, who took Moro’s place in the 13th Federal Court.

However, only now has the report reached the STF, as judge Eduardo Appio, who spent a short period at the 13th Court, continued Operation Lava Jato and released documents that prove Garcia’s collaboration. The evidence was forwarded to the STF.

When conducting the investigations, the PF informed that it must hear witnesses such as federal deputy Rosângela Moro and former deputy and former prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol.

On his social networks, Moro says that he does not fear the investigation and that he regrets the opening of an investigation, to which his defense did not have access.

Garcia said that Moro is “almost” a former senator, asking him to admit his crimes and that “he was a false hero, the head of a criminal organization before justice”.

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