Spurs: Popovich’s conference lasted one minute and a shot worth 10 thousand dollars

The San Antonio Spurs’ present, the worst in decades, last night shed some notes of color within a gloomy panorama due to poor results.

Yesterday’s defeat against the Milwaukee Bucks by 125 to 121, at home at the AT&T Center stadium, left the locals and the Texan team in last place (15th) in the Western Conference with a lot of anger.

With only 5 wins in 34 games, they are the second worst team in the American league ahead of the Detroit Pistons (3/31), the last in the East.

A night to order from Nikola Jokic.

In that context of a team in full reconstruction, after years of success with the Big Three (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili) and until the draft wheel benefits him, the experience of his coach copes better.

But the particular style of Gregg Popovich (74 years old) always holds some surprises.

For example, last night, logically without much to say, he gave an unusual press conference: standing still and for a minute. That’s how it went:

He shot, scored and won 10 thousand

At halftime and as if to maintain the appreciation of the fans, the Spurs organized a shooting contest from different distances to win 10 dollars.

Finally there was a winner and it was a military pilot, Shawn Louis-Jean, who dressed in his uniform, tried from different places (facing the rim) and holed the most difficult one:

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