Spik and Span win LVK 2024!

Bjorn & Mieke came second and Pruuf Mar finished in third place!

The Suster duo Spik en Span won the 48th edition of the Limburgs Vastelaoves Leedjeskonkoer tonight in the Sjeng Kraft Pavilion in Maastricht. With the number Vastenach! Spik and Span received the most points (74). It is the fifth time that the duo has taken home the Bertha Paulissen Trophy.

During the LVK, organized by the LVK Foundation20 finalists competed with each other for the title of best solid sled of this season.

Second place for Bjorn & Mieke
This year the second place went to Bjorn & Mieke from Venray, they received for the song Noeëts Mother Vergaete 6 points less than the winner. Pruuf Mar from Ysselsteyn, last year’s winners, complete the podium with a third place with the song Not too late.

Check out the winning number below.

The final score

The complete final score of the 48th LVK is as follows:

1. Spick and Span – Vastenach! – 74 points
2. Bjorn & Mieke – Noeëts Mèr Vergaete – 68 points
3. Pruuf Mar – Not too late – 59 points
4. Van Lieshout & Arts – Ik Wooj Nie Gaon – 55 points
5. The Toddezék – Nondeju – 51 points
6. Spass Partout – Vastelaovend is loose! – 50 points
7. Andy & Roy – Made in Limburg – 41 punten
8. Men in Pek – Ich vastaovendj ! – 41 points
9. Sjpringlaevend – The euveral-uh-fees-of-makers – 38 points
10. Plekbend – Woke, with a soft G – 32 points
11. 4TON – Jump or Jump – 31 points
12. GoedZat – Póshaas – 23 points
13. Rempetemp – Delicious! – 22 points
14. De Kwante Diekzèk – D’n Drejdaagsevleeg – 19 points
15. ‘t Graotekoeër – ‘t Vastelaoveskroege rhythm – 19 points
16. Kartush ft. Sober Vertroch – 1000 Sound, 1000 Colors – 19 points
17. Wild Vleisj – Shpas Legion – 17 points
18. De Geliënde – Goose Limburg goat flat! – 12 points
19 Claire – Only then will I come to you! – 5 points
20. Mark and Wilhelmien – Vreej with Vastelaovendj – 4 points

More from the LVK final

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How does the LVK work?

What exactly does the route to the final look like and who decides which songs can be in that final? We explain it to you in detail in the video below!

Limburg Vastelaovesledjes Konkoer

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