Spaziogames advent calendar: discover the offer for December 1st

The Christmas season is approaching, bringing with it uncertainty about what to give to loved ones, including ourselves. If you are looking interesting and original ideas by and Christmas Gifts, we invite you to consult our selection of recommendations, suitable for all preferences and budgets. This year we have introduced something new to make your purchases easier: ours Advent Calendar.

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Similar to traditional Advent Calendars, which every day of December they reveal a surprise until the 25th, ours will also offer you a special promotion every day. We begin this new tradition of Spaziogames with the PS5 edition of EA Sports FC 24available today on Amazon a soli 49,97€ instead of €54.99, thanks to one 9% discount.

EA Sports FC 24, who should buy it?

EA Sports FC 24 bursts onto the video game stage like the worthy heir to the legendary FIFA series, wearing the dress of novelty while remaining firmly anchored to its beloved roots. This game is a dream come true for football fans, offering aimmersive and true to reality experience con over 19,000 licensed playersover 700 teams and 100 stadiums from every corner of the planet.

Older FIFA fans will discover exciting continuity in EA Sports FC 24, while new players will be amazed by the richness of detail and vast choice available. Plus, for aspiring managers, the Career mode renewed promises unprecedented gameplay depth and tactical control.

Launched at €79.99, EA Sports FC 24 it can now be yours for soli 49,97€. This price reduction is an unmissable opportunity for those who were waiting for a deal or simply hesitant to purchase. Purchasing such a sought-after title at a reduced price is an opportunity to be seized upon by all football and video game fans.

This offer is just one of all those you can find in Amazon’s vast catalogue, where you can discover a large choice of products at discounted prices, from the latest technological innovations to household products, from clothing to entertainment.

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