SP: Articulation to install CPI against priest

A wave of support for Father Julio Lancellotti occupied social media this Wednesday (3), after councilor Rubinho Nunes (União Brasil) announced that it is organizing the installation of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI), which has religious leadership as one of its targets.

On his profile on X/Twitter, the parliamentarian associated Lancellotti, who has worked for decades on behalf of the homeless population in São Paulo, with a “mafia of misery” when commenting on the installation of the CPI. In the published image, a caricature of the priest carries a mouse on his shoulders.

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Lancellotti stated, on his Instagram profile, that he does not belong to any civil society or non-governmental organization that has an agreement with the City of São Paulo. The activity of Pastoral de Rua, whose coordinator is the religious leadership, is “a pastoral action of the Archdiocese of São Paulo, which in turn, is not linked in any way to the activities that constitute the objective of the approved application for the creation of the CPI in question”.

It is not the first time that Lancellotti has been the target of conservative sectors of the São Paulo City Council and far-right movements. In October 2020, Arthur do Val, colleague of Rubinho Nunes within the Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL)was condemned by the courts after calling Lancellotti a “pimp of misery”.

The court also condemned, in August 2022, Bolsonarista Luciano Hang for calling Father Julio a “hypocrite” and accusing him of “defending criminals”. “It’s from Lula’s group. Pure hypocrisy. We have to teach how to fish, and not give the fish. Every day that passes there are more scoundrels living on the backs of those who work,” said Hang. “Whoever defends a criminal is a criminal,” she added.

The CPI, if installed, will have the declared objective of investigating non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that allegedly provide food, utensils for the use of illicit substances and treatment to groups of users who frequent Cracolândia.

The request to open the CPI was filed with the City Council on December 6 last year. According to the newspaper’s findings Folha de S.Paulocouncilor Rubinho Nunes is working on a plan for the commission to be installed in February, after the end of the parliamentary recess.

“We already have the signatures. I filed the CPI with 25 signatures that I collected in 30 minutes in the plenary, but it already has the support of more than 30 councilors in the Chamber and I have also worked with the leaders to open the CPI at the beginning of the year legislative, in February,” Nunes told CNN Brasil.

O Brazil in fact He tried to contact the councilor, but received no response. The space is open for positioning.


On the networks, the reaction to the news of the articulation for the installation of the CPI was negative. OX/Twitter recorded, by the end of this Wednesday afternoon, more than 70 thousand posts on the subject.

the Minister of Institutional Relations of the Lula (PT) government, Alexandre Padilha, expressed support and solidarity with Father Julio and classified the CPI’s proposal as “unbelievable”. “The proposal for a CPI against Father Julio Lancellotti is unbelievable and seems like an attempt to persecute defenders of social justice. I express total solidarity and support for Father Julio, known worldwide for his charitable actions,” he wrote.

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One of the coordinators of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), João Pedro Stedile, was in the same line and stated the “installation of a CPI which is clearly an attempt at political persecution of Father Julio Lancellotti and all those who fight for social justice “.

Federal deputy Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL-SP) said that it is “inadmissible for the São Paulo City Council to try to install a CPI against Father Julio Lancellotti”. “While the city is in chaos, they try to persecute those who are on the side of the population, fighting for decent housing, food and effective public policies,” she wrote on her profile on X/Twitter.

Fernanda Melchionna, deputy for the PSOL of Rio Grande do Sul, wrote that the “extreme right, led by one of the founders of the MBL” is trying to establish “an absurd CPI in the São Paulo Chamber to persecute and try to criminalize Father Julio”.

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“The attacks against Julio Lancellotti are incredibly base, they persecute a person who dedicates his life to the poorest and to combating injustice. They foment hatred against those who offer bread and treat the homeless population with dignity,” said the parliamentarian .

Actor and comedian Marcelo Adnet also took a stand in solidarity with Father Julio Lancellotti. In his profile on X, he said that “neo-fascism has advanced so much in Brazil that today, in the name of death, we persecute those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.”

Cracow Resist

Another target of the CPI is the Craco Resiste Movement, which also works with people in vulnerable situations in the center of São Paulo. Daniel Mello, a member of the movement, classified the CPI as an attempt to take the focus away from municipal politics and deal with Cracolândia.

“It’s a whole attempt at intimidation, to take the focus off the discussion. Since the beginning of management [João] Doriapassing through [Bruno] Covas and Tarcisio [de Freitas, atual governador de São Paulo]is committing to a policy of police violence associated with hospitalization, which is a waste of public money with no results for anyone, which only worsens the situation of poor people and the neighborhood, because it intensifies a climate of conflict, violence and chaos”, he states Mello.

“O traffic has not decreased, the number of people living on the streets has only increased during this period, and they are trying to take the focus away from transferring mainly public resources to private entities, clinics and therapeutic communities”, he states. “An attempt to take the focus away from the government’s inefficiency in providing care and improve living conditions for the population as a whole, attacking social movements. The question is whether to maintain this policy of perfection for poor people, using social movements as breeding goats.”

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Despite the attempt to install the CPI, the movement’s expectation is that this will not happen. “We think that the whole of the City Council will understand that the city has other priorities, and will seek to act with minimal seriousness. There is no basis. We believe, even though it has a conservative profile, the City Council, we hope that work with the minimum of foundation, with the minimum of seriousness”, he states.

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