Something new, plot and cast of the film with Paola Cortellesi

Paola Cortellesi is fresh from the success of There’s still tomorrowil most watched Italian film of 2023. About her Her first film as a director, her thirty-second film as an actress. On the evening of Monday 27 November, Rai 2 broadcast a 2016 film: Something new. Here Paola Cortellesi is Lucia, Maria’s best friend. A singer allergic to men until nineteen-year-old Luca arrives in her life.

The plot

Lucia and Maria (Paola Cortellesi e Micaela Ramazzotti) they are two friends, together since high school. Lucia is a singer who, after the separation, closed the doors to love. Maria, also divorced, has two children and a great desire to have fun (and maybe fall in love). For this reason she doesn’t say no to her adventures, and she doesn’t back down from the men she meets in the clubs. Among them there is Luca, who is 19 years old and comes from the city’s bourgeoisie. After a night spent at Maria’s house, Luca mistakes Lucia for the woman he has been with. And, the misunderstanding translates into a series of paradoxical events and a close competition between the two friends. Lucia is attracted to that young and sensitive boy, Maria desires him physically but she would like to become a good friend of her. What will happen when Lucia and Luca spend the night together? The woman will succeed preserve his friendship with Maria, or he will let himself be overwhelmed by guilt feelings?

The cast and the play at the origin of everything

If Paola Cortellesi and Micaela Ramazzotti play the protagonists of Something newLuca instead has the face of Eduardo Valdaminiactor born in 1991 known for playing the role of Lele in Suburra – The series (PHOTO). Eleonora Danco is Flavia, Chiara Scalise is Matilde. Then there are Claudio Pallitto in the role of a stalker, Gerardo Bartoccini as the double bass player of Casa del Jazz and Cristiana Polegri in the role of the saxophonist. And then, always in minor rolesLuca Cipriano, Sasha Luca Donatelli, Giulia Francia, Giulia Galassi, Marco Guidolotti, Massimiliano Rossi: Trio Drummer, Mauro Santopietro, Stefano Scalisi, Arpad Vincenti, Taiyo Yamanouchi and Cecilia Zingaro.

Something new is the film adaptation of the play by Cristina Comenicini The scene, with Angela Finocchiaro and Maria Amelia Monti. Paola Cortellesi helped the director with the screenplay and, together, the two gave life to one comedy of errors focused on age differences, milfs and toy boys. Two words which, with their derogatory meaning, actually hide a desire for freedom. That everyone, men and women, can have. And that everyone must be able to live without judgment and prejudice.

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