Something new on Rai 2: plot, cast, Cortellesi and Ramazzotti

Son the wave of the unstoppable success of There’s still tomorrow, this evening at 9.20pm on Rai 2 it’s going to happen Something new. Comedy with Paola Cortellesi and Micaela Ramazzotti directed by Cristina Comenciniin the role of two 40-year-old friends who fall in love with the same high school student.

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Something newthe plot

Lucia (Cortellesi) and Maria (Ramazzotti) are two friends who – although very different – they live together, inseparable since high school. The first is a separate singer who he doesn’t want to know about love anymorethe second is divorced with two dependent children, and free to explore yes launches into adventures with men met in the clubs of the capital.

Like Luca (Eduardo Valdamini), a 19 year old from the good neighborhoods of Rome who he takes home. And that the next morning mistakes Lucia for Maria, creating a series of misunderstandings and a conflict of interest between the two friends. The boy is in fact much more sensitive and mature than his age (he is a great reader of Charles Bukowski, for example).

While Lucia he begins to feel attraction, Maria would instead like to establish a friendship with him, even if he continues to physically desire it. Everything goes to hell when Lucia ends up in bed with us – triggering feelings of guilt towards the friend. They will be able to remain friends and to confess to each other the “special” relationship that binds both of them to Luca?

Paola Cortellesi and Micaela Ramazzotti in a scene from “Something New”. (01 Distribution)

From the theater to the big screen

The film is the adaptation of The scene, Comencini’s play – there the protagonists were Angela Finocchiaro e Maria Amelia Monti. Aided by Paola Cortellesi on the screenplay, Comencini creates a comedy of errors on age differences in love and the now overused terms of “milf” and “toy boy. Trying to apply to women the male freedom to date younger girls.

But, despite the nobility of intent, Something new suffers from its theatrical derivation, with much of the action built indoors. Which stifles the ambitions of a narrative which would like to be lively and incisive on the contemporary.

However, despite not being Lubitsch, Cristina manages to get the best from Paola and Micaela of their potential. With a Ramazzotti is now very good in the role of the troublemaker with a heart of gold and Cortellesi always a guarantee in moving naturally from comic moments to more reflective moments.

Paola and Micaela, their directorial debut in the same year

While the film by Cortellesi – which travels towards i 25 million euros –, it is national glory and pride, the debut of Micaela Ramazzotti (Happiness) has instead gone (guiltily) a little under the radar. Despite having traits in common.

The film, released in theaters at the end of September, has a woman at its center harassed by men who exploit and use it psychological violence. Played by Ramazzotti herself, Desirè is naive and submissive, economically exploited by her father (Max Tortora), belittled by a frustrated boyfriend (Sergio Rubini) e harassed on film sets where she works as a hairdresser.

Happinesstrue, it definitely is more limited from a writing point of view and characterization of the characters. However hits the heart, for the sincerity of the message and for Micaela’s ability to give body and soul to the camera. Fragile and defenseless, with great humility. A little pearl to rediscoverhopefully soon on some platform.


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