Snoop Dogg reveals he has stopped smoking; see other celebrities who did the same

Singer Snoop Dogg announced on his Instagram account that he has decided to quit smoking. According to the artist, the decision was made after “a lot of consideration and conversation with the family”.

“After much consideration and discussion with my family, I have decided to stop smoking. Please, I ask that you respect my privacy at this time”, says, in English, the message displayed in a photo shared by the singer on the social network.

Singer Snoop Dogg announces he will stop using marijuana — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Singer Snoop Dogg announces he will stop using marijuana — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The revelation surprised fans. While some congratulate Snoop Dogg, others joke that “the end of the world is near.”

Snoop Dogg is one of the voices for the legalization and use of cannabis in the USA. He consumed marihuana so seriously that he paid someone to roll his cigarettes for him. Last year, the singer revealed that the annual salary of the employee, known by the nickname Renegade, was 50 thousand dollars (which would be R$ 243 thousand reais at the current rate).

Singer Miley Cyrus revealed, in 2020, that she had stopped consuming alcohol and drugs, such as marijuana. She initially had to stop to undergo surgery on her vocal cords, but later began to consider the benefits she would have if she continued a more sober life.

Willow Smith, daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, announced in 2020 that she had also quit smoking. She stated that this attitude reduced her anxiety.

Last year, Patricia Marx, a child star from the 1980s who was successful as part of the group Trem da Alegria, revealed that she also stopped smoking marijuana.

“I stopped smoking because I felt it was hurting me. I became aggressive, bad tempered and more antisocial than I already am. It took me a while to understand this, because I really like it. But for my spiritual path, my inner search, too it wasn’t adding up. So I stopped,” she clarified at the time.

In 2019, singer Ed Sheeran revealed to the British newspaper THe Daily Star that he stopped smoking marijuana. According to the artist, the drug was hindering his creativity.

“I stopped smoking weed. I ended up staying at home and watching movies. I can only create when I’m sober – I like to be alert. I’ve found that most ideas come to me when I’m drinking tea. At least for me.” , said the singer at the time

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