Smash Mouth’s Kim Kardashian bikini post criticized after Steve Harwell’s death

Smash Mouth took to social media with a bizarre announcement after their founder and former singer Steve Harwell passed away earlier this week.

Harwell’s death, aged 56, was confirmed in a statement on Monday, following earlier reports that he had been in poor health.

The American rock band he founded in 1994 was taken over by X, ex Twitteron Thursday with a post unrelated to Harwell that sparked controversy among fans.

Smash Mouth’s official site has re-shared bikini photos posted by Kim Kardashian, with the reality star writing, “All that glitters is gold.”

In the title, Smash Mouth wrote: “Just shooting stars” – referring to the lyrics of their biggest hit, all the stars, which was popularized in the 2001 film Shrek.

The band released a lengthy tribute to Harwell after news of his death hit the headlines, but their decision to quickly follow it up with “Kardashian Thirst Trap” sparked backlash on social media.

However, the top comment read: “People saying ‘too soon’ really didn’t know Steve and it shows lol.” Significantly, the group responded to the comment, writing: “Exactly.”

Harwell was no longer a member of Smash Mouth at the time of his death, having left the band in October 2021.

Former Ghoulspoon singer Zach Goode has been hired as lead singer, while bassist Paul De Lisle is the only remaining original member of the band. Michael Klooster joined the band on keyboards in 1997, while Randy Cooke joined as drummer in 2010 and finally, Sean Hurwitz became guitarist in 2011.

Smash Mouth’s manager Robert Hayes announced the departure of Harwell – who fronted the US group when they released hits including I can’t get enough of you, baby, walking in the sun and a Monkees cover I am a believer.

He said the rocker “passed peacefully and comfortably” at home in Boise, Idaho “surrounded by friends and family.”

The cause of death was not given.

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