Sinterklaas in the country • European Championship qualifying match Netherlands-Ireland

Sinterklaas at last year’s national arrival in Hellevoetsluis

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Good morning! The Dutch national team plays the European Championship qualifier against Ireland and the national arrival of Sinterklaas takes place in Gorinchem.

First the weather: fog will first appear in the northeast this morning. Elsewhere, cloud cover will increase rapidly, followed by rain. It will only become drier from the west during the evening. There is a strong south wind.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the roadworks and here you see where work is being done on the track.

What can you expect today?

  • Sinterklaas will be in the country from 12 noon, or at least that is the intention. If all goes well he will arrive in Gorinchem at the beginning of the afternoon with the Pakjesboot. The question is whether it will all work out, because yesterday the good saint said Sinterklaas news that there is no sailing to Gorinchem at all.
  • It’s the last weekend before the elections. The party leaders of seven parties will participate in the Debate of the South in Eindhoven tonight. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM and can be followed live at, among others Broadcasting Brabant .
  • The Dutch national team plays the European Championship qualifier against Ireland. National coach Ronald Koeman has to improvise, because a long list of players have withdrawn due to injuries in recent days. The match in Amsterdam starts at 8:45 PM and can be seen live on NOS via NPO 1 and
  • The Formula 1 drivers take to the track in Las Vegas for qualifying. The training sessions ended yesterday fiasco . The first training was stopped because cars were damaged by a manhole cover, the second training was postponed. Qualifying starts at 9:00 am Dutch time.

What did you miss?

US House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson said Friday images released of the storming of the Capitol. He promises to make a total of 44,000 hours of footage recorded by surveillance cameras available to the public “in waves” in the coming months.

The images can be viewed on a special website. All the images that appear on the website have previously been shared with media channels, but they can now be viewed by the general public for the first time. The images do not show any state secrets or other matters that could potentially endanger the country, Johnson swears.

Other news from the night

And then this:

Tour of the Binnenhof moves to the Media Park, where a few party leaders will debate. Marleen de Rooy and Gerri Eickhof have to run to speak to Omtzigt and Timmermans. Xander van der Wulp watches the latest polls with an eel sandwich. Will there be another surprise?

Will things work out between Timmermans and Omtzigt and does Wilders have a chance? | Tour of the Binnenhof #54

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