Sherif Ramzy publishes the last thing his brother Salah wrote before his death

03:28 PM

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Written by Suhaila Osama:

Artist Sherif Ramzy published the last words of his late brother Salah Ramzy, who passed away on Wednesday evening after a struggle with illness and entering a coma that lasted 15 months.

Sherif shared the photo on his official Instagram account through the “short stories” feature, during which he said: “We are among the luckiest people on earth, so thank God for that. Death is not the end, but the beginning of life.” Sherif commented on it: “ The last message Salah wrote.

The artist Sherif Ramzy announced, through his official Instagram account, the death of his brother Salah Ramzy

Sharif wrote via the “Astori” feature: “Survival and permanence belong to God. He passed away to God’s mercy, my brother Salah Ramzi.. Pray for him.”

In October 2022, the artist Sherif Ramzy revealed that his younger brother, Salah Ramzy, underwent surgery without revealing its nature, after which he entered a coma until he left our world.

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