She formed a duo with Mohamed Sobhi… Information about Souad Nasr on the anniversary of her passing

Today is the anniversary of the death of the artist Souad Nasr, who left our world 17 years ago, through a tragic story that is remembered by everyone who enters the operating room, and they set an example of it during anesthesia, which certainly became a ghost for many. Souad Nasr, who throughout her life continued to present comedy with distinction to her audience through… Roles that are still stuck in our minds, such as Mama Maysa in the Wanis Family series and Annaba in the Juha series, in addition to a number of distinguished roles. We should have commemorated her passing through 10 pieces of information about her.

1- She formed a distinguished duo with Mohamed Sobhi that placed them on the list of the most famous duos in the history of Egyptian cinema through several works that formed a milestone in Egyptian drama in particular, such as the Wanis family and “The Search for a Million” journey, and other most important works and plays, which prompted Mohamed Sobhi to confirm after Her death made him feel a human and artistic orphan, as if he had lost his wings with her departure.

2- Although she is famous for playing comedic roles and always deviating from the script with distinction that is credited to her, she loved tragedy before it was discovered by Karam Motawa, who saw it as more suitable for comedy.

3- A few days before she entered the operating room, she told her husband and daughter that she wanted to take a new path in acting, or stay away from it.

4- Her daughter confirmed in one of the programs that her mother prayed while entering the operating room, saying: My Lord, if You send a soul into me, send it pure, and if You take me to death, make me among the righteous.

5- According to her daughter’s account, she also recommended, in the event of her death, that she be buried quickly and that her relatives stand next to the grave for an hour to pray for her, which is what actually happened.

6- “We are not in a theatre” is a sentence said by the imam who led the worshipers in the funeral prayer in response to the pandemonium that occurred due to the crowding, which made him very angry.

7- She was accused more than once of being jealous of the success of the new generation represented by Henedy, Alaa Wali El-Din, Ahmed El-Sakka, and others, because she refused to participate with them in their work, but she completely denied the matter and confirmed that she was proud of their success, and the evidence of this is that she played the role of Hani Ramzy’s mother in the movie “Passport with a Decision.” “My audience” despite the small size of the role.

8- She is considered the first actress to play the role of a man on stage through a play called “We Had a Ball,” which is considered a one-act type and falls under the name of a black comedy stemming from tragedy. It was written by Muhammad Salmawi and directed by Saad Ardash, during which she embodied the character of a man called Abdul Salam Efendi, a corrupt government employee.

9- She was married twice in her life, the first was to the artist Ahmed Abdel Wareth, and she gave birth to a daughter and a son, Tariq and Fairouz, but this marriage ended after the two parties realized that they had different natures, while the second was to the petroleum engineer Mohamed Abdel Moneim, with whom she completed her life’s journey to the end.

10- In 2009, two years after her death, the Nasr City Misdemeanor Court in North Cairo punished the anesthesiologist who performed the operation on the late artist with imprisonment for a period of 3 years with work, and obliged him to pay a bail to temporarily stay the execution of the ruling amounting to five thousand Egyptian pounds after he was convicted of negligence and negligence while anesthetizing the actress, which It led to her death.

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