Shannen Doherty reveals who she wouldn’t want at her funeral

The 52-year-old actress is battling aggressive breast cancer, which has now spread to her bones. During the podcast Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty, she told how she imagines her funeral

Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with a stage four cancer. She spoke about her illness, and what awaits her, during hers podcast. She did it delicately, with irony, but with very clear ideas. There are people he really wouldn’t want to come to his funeral. And, for his ashes, he has a wish.

The statements in the last episode of Be Clear With Shannen Doherty

Talking with Chris Cortazzohis friend and designated executor, Shannen Doherty he said he knows a lot of people he wouldn’t want to have around him funeral. “I don’t want them there because the reasons they would come are definitely not the best reasons,” she explained. In fact, those people would attend her funeral so as not to make a bad impression. And to be politically correct. In fact, she explained the star of Beverly Hillswould like his wake to be a real “celebration of love“, a carefree moment for his friends to be together. “I don’t want people to cry when all they’re thinking is, ‘Thank God that bitch’s dead,'” he said. And then explain that his ashes they will have to be mixed with those of the father and of the beloved dog. But some of it can be used to make gods jewels.

The illness

Shannen Doherty’s cancer has now reached her breasts bone. But she doesn’t give up. “I’m not done living” he told PEOPLE. “I’m not done with love. I’m not done with the hope of changing things for the better. ” Her hope is to be involved in clinical trials for testing new drugs. In the meantime, the actress works on her podcast, Let’s Be Clear With Shannen Doherty, in which he talks about career, love and – obviously – his illness. Born with the aim of raising funds for research and raising public awareness, the podcast wants to demonstrate that people affected by stage four cancer still have a lot to give. “People believe that at this point in the disease, you can’t walk, eat or work,” she explained. “But we are people who want to work, embrace life and move forward.” Doherty received her first breast cancer diagnosis in 2015: after a mastectomy and chemotherapy, the disease appeared to be in remission. However, in 2019 the cancer returned. More aggressive than before. But Shannen isn’t done with this life yet, and she intends to fight until her last day.

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Shannen Doherty talks about her illness at an event in Tampa

The hardest phase

When she learned about the spread of bone cancer, Shannen Doherty wondered why. Because she got sick, because the disease came back, because she is in phase four. And that’s when she started looking for one scope. The of him, was to increase the awareness and to collect funds for the research. “It’s crazy to me that we don’t have a cure yet,” she said. Continuing to fight, and to be grateful. Every morning, the actress is grateful for another day spent with her friends, her family and her German shepherd Bowie. “I wake up and go to bed thanking God, praying for the things that matter to me, without asking for too much. My faith is my mantra“, has explained.

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