Shani Louk, the 22-year-old girl kidnapped by Hamas during the tragic rave in Israel, has died

She would die from the injuries sustained during the massacre at the Nova Festival. Become symbol of the Hamas hostagesthe 22-year-old appeared injured and half-naked aboard a pick-up, forced to suffer spitting from some of the perpetrators of the barbarity. Shani Louk was easily identified by his tattoos. Excited days followed in Israel, in Gaza, and in the world, made up of appeals from family members to the German government, and to the various governments involved, and of war. Today the sad news was communicated by the authorities to the girl’s family, who decided to make their mourning public: “Unfortunately we received the news that my daughter is no longer alive”, declared her mother Ricarda Louk to the Rtl/ntv broadcaster.


Shani Louk, the 22nd Tedesca-Israeli writer of Hamas

After Ricarda, Shani’s sister also broke her silence on social media: “I announce with great sadness the death of my sister”. Shani Louk’s body has not yet been found, however there is DNA compatibility with the skull bone fragment found. The parents had already provided the necessary material for possible genetic confirmation some time ago.

The mother’s hope is that Shani Louk died on October 7 “without suffering”: on the day of the assault on the kibbutzim, of the carnage, of the forty-three minutes of horror also documented by Hamas. The girl, only 22 years old, he was dancing at the music festival near Reim when, together with hundreds of young Israelis, she was surprised by the terrible and onslaught of Hamas. Dozens of boys were killed, others kidnapped and taken to the Gaza Strip.

Shani Louk’s fate remained uncertain, rekindled with hope by the first news of the hostages’ release. “The news is terrible. But it’s nice to have certainties now. At least she didn’t suffer.”

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