Seven years in prison… Learn about the story of prisoner Israa Al-Jaabis

The Palestinians waited a long time for the news of seeing the liberated prisoner Israa Al-Jaabis Embrace freedomAfter suffering for 7 years, she had appealed to the world to intervene to stop her pain after the burns caused by the occupation, but the world did not listen to her.

Scenes of Al-Jaabis embracing her son Moatasem were the most widespread on social platforms.

Israa Al-Jaabis was released

A comparison was made between the picture of Israa and her son Moatasem before and after the arrest. The young child grew up far from his mother’s embrace, and the mother’s features changed because of the occupation’s deliberate failure to treat her burns.

Al-Jaabis spent 7 years in Israeli prisons, out of the 11 years that the Israeli court ruled her imprisonment, and she is one of 6 female prisoners included in the prisoner exchange agreement between Hamas and the Israeli occupation, as part of the second batch.

The Palestinian resistance pained the Israeli occupation army by snatching the freedom of Al-Jaabis and the female prisoners released in the exchange deal. It took measures to dampen the joy of the Palestinians by storming the prisoner’s house in the town of Jabal Mukaber, south of Jerusalem, and removing all the journalists and families by force.

Israa’s story began at the end of 2015 while she was returning from the city of Jericho to Jerusalem. Her car broke down near the Al-Za’im checkpoint, so the occupation forces opened fire on the car, causing the gas cylinder it was in to explode. She was exposed to burns ranging from first to third degree, affecting more than half of her body.

The occupation authorities charged Al-Jaabis with attempting to kill an Israeli soldier, prevented her from receiving treatment, and deliberately neglected her despite her need for 8 surgeries. The prison administration also prevented her from receiving the painkillers and medications she needed.

During the years of her detention, her family tried to obtain humanitarian permission to admit a doctor to treat their daughter, covering all expenses, but the Israeli prison administration refused to do so, despite the launch of several electronic campaigns that received global interaction from activists and humanitarian organizations.

Widespread interaction with Al-Jaabis’s embrace of freedom

Social media platforms witnessed widespread interaction with the news of her liberation from the occupation prisons.

Samir Mashhour wrote: “For 8 years, all campaigns appealing to this world have not succeeded in treating Israa Al-Jaabis and releasing her, but Resistance gun I did that”.

As for Khaled Safi, he said, addressing what he called health institutions that want to support Palestine and its people, saying: “The least you can offer her is a surgical operation and another cosmetic operation so that she can return to some of her life as she was before captivity.”

Radwan Al-Akhras commented on the occupation forces’ assault and oppression of the Palestinians in Israa’s house, prior to her release, saying: “A shaky, ridiculous occupation that is afraid of an image.”

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