seven suggestions for the month of January

From Tjitske Reidinga and Max Beckmann to Jesus Christ Superstar and Eurosonic Noorderslag: which performances, exhibitions and concerts should you not miss in the coming month? Culture chef Sandra Kooke recommends her favorites.

Jean Macroy

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is a “musical about a socially inspired group of friends in which someone, Jesus, develops into a leader with innovative ideas to stand up for people who have no voice in society”. According to director Ivo van Hove, who after Rent, Lazarus in West Side Story created a completely new direction for this iconic seventies rock opera. He asked Jeangu Macrooy for the title role.
Delamar, Amsterdam, January 21 (afterwards tour throughout the country)

Eurosonic Noorderslag

AGRASOPPAR is a flowerpunk/axe-killer pop band from the Faroe Islands. I didn’t make that up myself, that’s how they were announced at the Eurosonic festival. It is one of hundreds of European acts that can be heard at the annual festival in Groningen. And if they stand out here, they will definitely break through.
Groningen, January 17 to 20

International Film Festival Rotterdam

From Indian and Japanese epics to Kazakh thrillers, Finnish interpretations of Freud and underground Iranian cinema: the range is so wide at the annual film festival in Rotterdam. This largest film festival in the Netherlands is characterized by a good eye for lesser-known, but artistic filmmakers from all over the world. The closing film also sounds intriguing: To the moon by director M. Raihan Halim is a comedy about a conservative Malaysian village that is startled by the arrival of a lingerie store.
Rotterdam, from January 25 to February 4

Max Beckmann, The Soldier's Dream, 1942 Image Hilti Art Foundation, Vaduz

Max Beckmann, Soldier’s Dream, 1942Beeld Hilti Art Foundation, Vaduz

Max Beckmann

The German artist Max Beckmann was a celebrated man until the Nazis came to power. His art was called ‘entartet’ and he had to flee Germany. He landed in Amsterdam and worked in Scheveningen and Zandvoort, among others. He painted the world around him, but in his own unique, alienating way. Paintings that you can look at for a long time.
Art Museum, The Hague, from January 27 to May 20

Tjitske Reidinga Beeld

Tjitske Reidinga

Tjitske Reidinga

In 2020, actress Tjitske Reidinga announced that she wanted to change course. No longer playing what others want from her, but creating and shaping a performance herself. “And then – very childishly – don’t discuss it with anyone. Because I now know that I can do it myself, that I can write myself, direct myself,” she said in the Linda. Now the time has come: the one-woman show Portrait she made herself and is about herself.

Small Comedy, January 20 (tour throughout the country)

Nikola Meeuwsen

A striking number of pianists visit the Netherlands in January. It will be fun with old hands such as Mitsuko Uchida, Pjotr ​​Anderszewski, Nikolai Lugansky and Emanuel Ax. But also with the younger guard: Beatrice Rana, Seong-Jin Cho, Alexandre Tharaud and Alexander Malofejev, among others. And then there is Nikola Meeuwsen, a very talented Dutch pianist, who makes his appearance for a solo recital in the small hall of the Concertgebouw. Interesting new addition to the piano family.
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, January 19

The Shostakovich question

The composer Dmitri Shostakovich wrote the most beautiful music under difficult circumstances. Stalin was close to him and Shostakovich lived in constant fear. That fact is fascinating. Helmert Woudenberg died just before completing the play The Shostakovich question, which he wrote for Beer Muziektheater. Dick van den Toorn plays the composer, René Groothof and Yari van der Linden all the roles surrounding it.
De Schuur, Haarlem, January 14 (afterwards tour)

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