“Serious mourning” – Il Tempo

A sad announcement opened the Sunday 26 November episode of Che tempo che fa, on the Nove. At the beginning of the broadcast, Fabio Fazio said: “Professor Roberto Burioni will not be here this evening due to the serious loss that has struck him”, said the host who gave a warm greeting to the show’s regular guest. In fact, just over two months after the death at the age of 94 of his father Gaetano, a well-known doctor in Fermignano, a town in the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the Marche region, his mother, Elvira Bovicelli, aged 93, who was hospitalized at the hospital, also passed away. Urbino hospital. The couple’s children made the announcement.

“In the pain of the loss I recognize the fortune of having grown up in a very happy family and now I like to imagine that my mother is back together with my father”, commented the virologist as reported by Corriere Adriatico.

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