Serie A – Frosinone-Monza 2-3 report cards: Soulé is a blessing, Valentin Carboni and Mota dominate

Frosinone-Monza, match valid for the nineteenth matchday of Serie A, it ended with a score of 2-3: goals from Mota, Valentin Carboni and an own goal from Soulé for the Brianza, shorten Harroui and the Argentine himself (on a penalty) for the Ciociaria. Match refereed by Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi. Below are the votes for the protagonists of the match.

Frosinone report cards

Stefano TURATI 6 – He sees Carboni and Mota emerge in front of him and has no chance of opposing them. The holes are his companions, not his. In the final he avoids the 2-4 on Birindelli.

Ilario MONTERISI 6 – Individually he has little to blame himself for, but together with his teammates in the defense he gets in through the central routes. In the second half he raises the wall.

Caleb AROUND 6 – See Okoli. In the first half he gave Turati no security against Carboni and Mota, in the second half he gave nothing to the few Monza attacks.

Matthew LUSUARDI 6 – All in all he copes well with the dangers of Colpani and Ciurria (dall’84’ Arijon IBRAHIMOVIC sv)

Pol LIROLA 5.5 – Does little in combination with Soulé. And Di Francesco decides to remove him between the first and second half (from the 46th minute Giuseppe CASO 7 – The face of Frosinone changes with its electric and continuous initiatives. Astute in earning the penalty to make it 2-3)

Enzo BARRENECHEA 5.5 – Lights and shadows in the middle of the field. He was clearly burned by Carboni in the Monza doubling action.

Abdou Harroui 7 – Among the best in Frosinone. The most intriguing. He already tries in the first half with a free kick, then in the second half he finds the right opening to reopen the contest (from’84’ Marvin CUNI sv)

Francesco GELLI 6.5 – Tireless Peperino, he continually tries and gives an overall appreciable contribution as a pure winger.

Matias SOULÉ 5.5 – Few ideas, few ideas, plus the sensational own goal that gives Monza the 0-3. He partially raises his rating with rigor, but without reaching the passing mark.

REINIER 5 – He should bring inventiveness to the centre-left, but excluding a couple of flashes we see very little. He comes out at halftime (from 46′ Luca MAZZITELLI 6.5 – Brings experience between defense and midfield. From him comes the recovery that leads to 2-3)

Walid CHEDDIRA 5 – He does not justify Di Francesco’s choice to prefer him to Kaio Jorge. In the first half a goal scored in front of the goal was devoured: luckily for him it was offside (from the 60th minute Kaio JORGE 5.5 – He does slightly better than Cheddira, but without managing to create opportunities for goals)

All. Eusebio DI FRANCESCO 6 – He deploys Cheddira and Reinier from the start, but is soon forced to take cover. The second half of attacks gives confidence.

Dany Mota celebrates during Frosinone-Monza – Serie A 2023-24

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Monza report cards

Michele DI GREGORIO 6 – Well done to clear a ball kicked from a free kick by Harroui, then goes out after a clash with the former Sassuolo player (from 41′ Alessandro SORRENTINO 5.5 – He has on his conscience Harroui’s less than perfect positioning on the right from an almost impossible position)

Danilo D’AMBROSIO – Played a quiet first half and a very difficult second half with Caso: his penalty foul which completely reopened the match.

Roberto GAGLIARDINI 7 – Confirmed in the central defensive position, as in Naples, he does not disappoint: solid performance, with a warning as the only flaw (dal 60′ Pablo MARÍ 6 – He gets in the trenches and that’s fine with him)

Luca CALDIROLA 6.5 – Keeps Soulé at bay very well, preventing him from activating. He is unable to contain Harroui, even if his opponent’s merits are superior.

Patrick CIURRIA 5,5 – You can’t see much. After Frosinone’s 1-3 draw he was forced to dedicate himself almost exclusively to the defensive phase.

Matteo PESSINA 6 – Two-sided performance, like that of Monza: calm in the first half, in great trouble in the second.

Warren BONDO 6,5 – Very precious. He puts his foot or body into more than one situation, even if he suffers a lot in the second half too.

Pedro PEREIRA 6 – He has more defensive characteristics than Ciurria, and for this reason he is placed on the left to contain Soulé: mission accomplished (from 77′ Samuele BIRINDELLI sv)

Andrea COLPANI 5.5 – It doesn’t enchant. It is not the decisive Colpani of the start of the season. And it is no coincidence that Monza’s first substitution involves him (dal 60′ Jean-Daniel AKPA AKPRO 6 – He descends into a final of suffering and gets a yellow)

Valentin CARBONI 7.5 – An assist for Mota, a nice goal, plus the attempted save that leads to Soulé’s own goal. Paired with the Portuguese he shreds the home defense.

Dany MOTA CARVALHO 7.5 – Unlocks the score with a close-range right-footed shot, then returns the favor to his “twin” Carboni. Determinant (dal 77′ Lorenzo COLOMBO s.v.)

Coach Raffaele PALLADINO (Stefano CITTERIO on the bench) 6.5 – Vital external shot to avoid complications in the rankings. Carboni’s move turns out to be a good one.


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