September Net – Abdul Salam comments on the decline of “Turki Al-Sheikh”.. video

September 26. Net: Special |
Muhammad Abdul Salam, spokesman for Ansar Allah, commented on the circulating video of the so-called official of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, who is close to Bin Salman, in which he deliberately advertised for the Israeli company McDonald’s and invited people to visit it.

Abdul Salam said in his account on the social networking sites, commenting on the clip, “While the Islamic nation is moving towards boycotting American and Israeli goods as the lowest position towards the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people, such a discordant position comes that is biased towards the enemy (and whoever of you supports them is one of them. Indeed, God does not guide the wrongdoing people.”)

Turki Al-Sheikh had deliberately deleted the tweet containing the video in which he personally called on the people of Riyadh, “all of them,” to eat for free from McDonald’s, while the clip carries a resounding scandal for the Kingdom as it is contempt for the Arab and Islamic feeling that calls for a boycott of Israeli companies in support of Gaza.

According to observers, this clip went beyond the limits of reason, morals, Islam, and humanity and demonstrated the recklessness of the Saudi leadership to the point of tweeting debauchery publicly against the crucial issues of the Islamic nation.

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