Senatran corrects information on toxicological examination in the CDT

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The Traffic Portal contacted the National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran) to investigate reports about the toxicological examination. Photo: Disclosure Detran/MS

Several internet users contacted the Traffic Portal reporting problems with the Digital Traffic Card (CDT) application in relation to the periodic toxicological examination due date. According to reports, the due date for the toxicological test was changed to December 28, 2023, even for drivers in categories C, D and E who were up to date with the test.

This was the case of driver Reginaldo Batista. He reports the change in the exam date in a comment on the Traffic Portal. “I renewed the toxicological exam on 10/05/2023 and then the expiration date was in 2026. Today, 12/04/2023, some colleagues were commenting that their toxicological exam was due to expire in December 2023. I went to check my driver’s license and the due date is also 12/2023”, he says.

Richard Bezerra da Silva also describes a similar situation. “I took the exam in March/23 and yet the date on my app changed to 12/28. Will they make us do it again?” he asks.

What does Senatran say

In light of these reports, Portal do Trânsito contacted the National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran). In a note, the agency stated that there was a system error, but that it has already been corrected.

“The National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran) informs that it corrected this Monday (4), after alerts from users of the Digital Traffic Card (CDT), a technical failure in triggering notifications about the toxicological test via the application. The ministry and Serpro, the public information technology company responsible for operationalizing the CDT, worked to reestablish communication correctly in the shortest possible time”, says Senatran.

“Who needs to take a toxicology test by December 28th?

The person who needs to regularize the situation is the driver in category C, D or E who has a periodic toxicological examination (which should be done every 2 years and 6 months after renewing the driver’s license) expired, regardless of the driver’s license expiration date.

The National Traffic Secretariat announced that it will send alerts to these drivers through the Digital Traffic Card (CDT) application.

The toxicological test alert as well as CDT notifications will arrive in three different ways:

  • Via “push” notification, with an alert message on the cell phone’s home screen, for all drivers who have expired their exam and need to renew it;
  • Through the CDT message center (bell), which offers all updates to the driver;
  • For the specific area of ​​toxicological testing at the CDT. In other words, there are details about the date of the last collection and the need to renew the procedure.

According to the agency, in addition to all these means of notification in the app, Senatran will send a message to all drivers who have not yet taken the test and have an email address registered in the system. Those who do not take the exam within the stipulated deadline may face a fine of R$1,467.35 as well as seven points on their driver’s license.

December 28, 2023 is the deadline stipulated by the National Traffic Council (Contran) for regularizing an expired toxicological test. The determination of this date occurred after the publication of Law 14,599/23, which suspended the extension to July 1, 2025 of the start of inspection relating to the exam.

When does inspection begin?

The National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran) informs that the fine will be possible for drivers categories C, D and E, only from January 28, 2024, for failure to carry out the toxicological test. This is because the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) provides that it constitutes a very serious infraction to “fail to carry out (…) after 30 days of the expiration of the established deadline”, which is December 28, 2023, as provided for in Deliberation 268/2023, endorsed by Resolution No. 1,002, of October 20, 2023 of the National Traffic Council (Contran).

The agency emphasizes that there is no possibility of any type of automatic fine. Under Brazilian law, punishment only occurs after the entire administrative process has been completed. In other words, a traffic violation notice must first be drawn up, with the issuance of a notice of assessment, the right to defense and a penalty notice. Furthermore, the infractions provided for in articles 165-C and 165-D of the CTB still depend on regulation by the National Traffic Council (Contran). As well as systemic adjustments to make its application viable. The fine penalty for such infractions is R$1,467.35, seven points on the driver’s license.

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