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The Chamber of Deputies approved the bill (PL 3626/2023), which regulates sports betting through a fixed quota. The rule provides for a new distribution of revenue, grant payment, requirements and restrictions. The proposal incorporates Provisional Measure 1182/23, which regulated the topic. The report by deputy Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA) will now be analyzed by the Senate.

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THE HOUSE OF DEPUTY APPROVED A BILL THAT REGULATIONS SPORTS BETTING. THE TEXT INCORPORATING A PROVISIONAL MEASURE WILL NOW BE ANALYZED BY THE FEDERAL SENATE. REPORTER BIANCA MINGOTE. Approved by the Chamber of Deputies, the project regulates sports betting through a fixed quota, whose operating companies are also known as “bets”, and provides for a new distribution of revenue, grant payment, requirements and restrictions. The text incorporates a provisional measure issued on July 25th to increase government revenue. The report by deputy Adolfo Viana, from the PSDB of Bahia, predicts that companies will keep 82% and no longer 95% of gross revenue, that is, after payment of premiums and income tax. Under the project, only qualified bets will be able to operate bets related to official sporting events, upon payment of a grant to the government in the maximum value of R$30 million. Contrary to what the government proposed in the MP, only companies incorporated under Brazilian legislation and with headquarters and administration in the national territory will be able to request authorization. Although the project defines criteria for advertising and who can bet, senator Eduardo Girão, from Novo do Ceará, warns against encouraging addiction. Neither the MP nor the PL care about closing the door to washing, restricting advertising or even toughening the penalties for the crime of manipulating results. The only objective of this Government is, exclusively, to regulate taxation to collect more and more taxes, regardless of their origin, regardless of how many lives will be lost to addiction. The project also prohibits advertising that presents the bet as socially attractive, an advance, according to senator Jorge Kajuru, from the PSB of Goiás. In my opinion, the time has come to take care of this issue, this hornet’s nest. Because of the dizzying growth of the sports betting market and the problems arising from the lack of regulation. And the lack of specific legislation has led companies to base their businesses abroad, which generates losses to public coffers due to the lack of tax collection. The project, which will be voted on by the Senate, reduces the quota of revenue allocated to social security from 10 to 2%. Betting resources will also be transferred to education, sport and tourism. Under the supervision of Hérica Christian, from Rádio Senado, Bianca Mingote.

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