Seeing myself like this again is tough, I don’t want to waste any more time

Carolina Marconi returns to Silvia Toffanin’s studio with long hair for the first time. “Two years have passed and I have learned a lot,” she says of her battle with breast cancer. “Today I still dream of being able to adopt a child, I hope for the law on cancer law”.

Carolina Marconi go back to the studio very true two years later diagnosis of breast cancer. It was a long battle for the Venezuelan showgirl, who decided to always face it in a public way, on TV and on social media, to help other women affected by the disease to have courage and face everything with a smile.

The battle against breast cancer

Return to Silvia Toffanin’s studio with long hair, for the first time. “They are extensions, but they still grew on me. Let’s say I like change”, he plays down at the beginning of his interview. “Two years have passed and I learned a lot, above all not to waste time anymore”tells. “I still remember the day of the doctor’s diagnosis, I took it and ran. I felt gripped by fear and desperation, he admits. A video that retraces her story makes her relive all the emotions of those moments. “Seeing me so swollen, after so long, she’s tough,” she says. Recently on social media, Carolina, she said that she had undergone checks as always and that she had discovered a liver problem: “It was a cold shower, I was scared,” she explained. “I can’t tell you how my legs were shaking, I felt my heart speed up again and at that moment everything I was doing suddenly no longer made sense, I had a real blackout.” The showgirl would be awaiting the outcome of more in-depth checks by the doctors.

The dream of becoming a mother

Despite the fears, Carolina Marconi strongly hopes to have the possibility of becoming a mother, through adoption. Unfortunately at the moment what is preventing him from doing so is the long delays on the bill on the legislative decreeentitled to oncological oblivion. At the moment we are talking about ten years: “It’s a long time, but I’m hopeful they’ll reduce it to five years. All of us who have recovered from cancer have the right to it, there are a million of us in Italy.” tells. In the meantime, a central theme remains that of prevention: “It’s important to keep your attention high, even if it can sometimes be difficult to talk about these topics.”he explains regarding his presence on TV. “Prevention is always done, not just in the month of October. Sometimes perhaps we are afraid and think it is better not to know. Everything can be taken in time.”

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