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A historic campaign to remain forever in the fan’s memory. This was the trajectory of Fluminense in the 2023 Copa Libertadores, which culminated in the unprecedented title against Boca Juniors, at Maracanã. On the field, the team showed its strength, but it also brought results off the field. In this sense, Tricolor raised US$27.15 million (around 136 million reais) throughout the competition. Before the decision, the Rio club already had US$9.15 million (around R$45.34 million) in total from the amounts received from the other phases.

In this way, Tricolor had a bigger prize pool than the winner of the last edition of the tournament, the rival Flamengo. Last season, Rubro-Negro defeated Athletico-PRin Guayaquil, Ecuador, and ended up with US$24 million (R$115 million at the time).

Fluminense earned US$27.15 million (around 136 million reais) throughout the 2023 Copa Libertadores –

Fluminense earned US$27.15 million (around 136 million reais) throughout the 2023 Copa Libertadores –

Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense / Jogada10

This change in values ​​is due to Conmebol, which increased prize values ​​in its competitions at the beginning of the season. Therefore, the Copa Libertadores had a 21% increase in bonuses. The total distributed among all teams is equivalent to US$207.8 million (R$1.09 billion).

The Rio team secured a place in this season’s Club World Cup, which will be the last with the current format, in force since 2005. In addition, it will also be present in the 2025 edition of the competition, which will feature 32 participants, including Fluminense, Flamengo It is Palm treesthe last three Copa Libertadores winners respectively.

See the complete Copa Libertadores prize pool

Group stage: US$ 3 million + US$ 300 thousand for victory.

Round of 16: US$1.25 million

Quarterfinals: US$1.7 million

Semifinal: US$2.3 million

Runner-up: US$7 million

Champion: US$ 18 million

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